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  1. NoirSaberCat

    YCH (Starting at 5 USD)

    I have this commission that was cancel due to unexpected emergencies from my client. I really love the pose of this sketch and don’t want to go to waste. This will drawing will be done within 1-3 days at most. Will start as soon downpayment is sent! I can change species for both Vivi and the...
  2. Brandon G.

    Looking for a nsfw and sfw version of my fox sona

    Just as the title says, I'm looking for a clean and nsfw version of my fox sona. I do have a reference picture of him from a previous commission but am looking for a more detailed edition of him. The clean version I'm thinking of would be like looking at an old poloroid photograph. The nsfw...
  3. waifuart

    $20 Coloured bust commissions [5 slots available]

    I'm doing coloured bust shots of your character in my style for $20! Anthro, feral, human, everyone is welcome <3 Payment collected when you approve the sketch, via Google Pay or Amazon vouchers ONLY. Available slots: 1. Vaars 2. 3. 4. 5.
  4. waifuart

    [SFW/NSFW] Clean Art and Tasteful Lewds, slots available! Starting at $20!

    Opening commissions! 20 USD for an uncoloured drawing of a character of your choice! +15 USD per extra character +5 USD colour per character Sample art: Kink friendly uwu PM to discuss your needs~!
  5. Marjoe

    Searching for RP Partner - Can be NSFW.

    Hello! My name is Marjoe and I'm currently looking for a rp partner. I've been roleplaying for awhile now, but I'm still an amateur. I'd love to roleplay about anything, any story. I'm really interested in trying NSFW. So if you're into that, I'd be very interested to mess around!~ (If you have...
  6. Beaknose

    Basic Sketch Ref Sheets ($70+) - 3 slots

    I've posted a journal on my FA page about these, but I'll share them here too. These sketch refs will serve as very basic reference sheets, for anyone who needs a quick ref of their character. I can work off of both visual refs and text descriptions, so long as they are adequately detailed and...
  7. Beaknose

    Emperoar's Commissions -open!- ($10+)(ONE SLOT LEFT)

    BASIC RULES: *First come, first serve *Please read my TOS before ordering, and respect it *Please know what you want before ordering a commission SLOTS: 1. Taldrin -Fullbody Sketch - Completed! 2. LimeFlavoredDragon -Fullbody Sketch - Completed! 3. Ozzyoso - Fullbody Sketch - Completed...
  8. Beaknose

    January Sketch Commissions ($10+)[CLOSED]

    I'm offering sign-ups for Sketch Commission availability that will be starting in January, if anyone is interested in a sketch, please read the details below before contacting me. Regular Signup Rules: *First Come, First Serve *No last minute sign ups. The completion of a commission may be...
  9. Beaknose

    Limited Time: (Dec.18-Dec.20)| Sketch Commissions-5 slots OPEN!-

    -------- I am open for five (5) sketch commissions starting Dec. 18 through Dec. 20! I will take headshots, busts, and fullbodies as single sketches or as sketch pages. I also will take multiple characters. If you like my work and would like a commission, please do not sign up on this thread...
  10. Beaknose

    Emperoar's Commissions -open!-

    Examples Of Previous Commissions:
  11. RockWarriorWolf

    Anyone Open For A Commission?

    I've got an idea for a commission that I originally offered to arabesque, but she turned it down, because she felt she couldn't do the type of background I wanted. (You'll find out why in a sec.) She told me to bring it up over here on the forums. I'd like it to be similar in spirit to this...
  12. AmethystMare

    Experienced author open for story commissions

    I have been taking commissions since 2011 and have a degree in English & Creative Writing under my belt. I am a flexible, experienced writer able to tackle a variety of scenarios and, where you like it, kinks. There is nothing I will not tackle in my stories and I welcome any challenges that you...
  13. Liatai

    Liadoodles - Cute Traditional Commissions, Open! $5 to $40 USD

    What it says on the image. :3 You can contact me through the FA forums, FA itself, or the attached E-mail -- whatever you're most comfortable with! I look forward to working with you. Here are some more examples of my work;
  14. Beaknose

    Emperoar's Commissions -open!-

  15. Beaknose

    Sketch Commissions Starting at 10.00 USD

    BASIC RULES: First come, first serve No NSFW content or fetishes No overcomplicated characters/designs No hate art I reserve the right to turn down a commission as I see fit. No drama CONTACT: I will discuss commissions through email. If interested, please send me a message at...
  16. P


    For those that own an "Xbox 360", I have a question. Among third party controllers, WHICH would you say, was the worst one that YOU used, that was ever made for it? I'm just asking an honest, friendly question. First party controllers, however, DO NOT COUNT, for this case. Rules: Since...
  17. Dearshul77

    Badges, Sketches, and More! (UPDATED)

    Hello, lovelies! I figured I'd be a little more vocal about my commissions and post them here. ^w^ I have five slots available altogether. If you have any interest in any of the categories below, please send me a note or email me at DearshulDraws@gmail.com so we can iron out whatever details you...
  18. KuraSilwood

    Looking for Artists Interested in doing Kura x YCH pictures [Giftarts]

    Hello all, Tenko Kura here aka Kura Silwood, today I have a topic I been meaning to give a shot at trying. I know it's kinda greedy, but I was wondering if there's any artists out there who'd be interested in doing YCH styled pictures whether clean of NSFW giftarts for free ((Whoa whoa, before I...