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clip studio paint

  1. fluffgator

    Sketchbook: FG's Doodle Tea ✦ Mostly Furry.. sometimes Dragons and Humans too!

    I've been lurking in the community for a decent bit because social anxiety, but might as well share recent arts from my iPad. Feel free to share your art too and discuss/vibe with me. You can call me by Effigy or FG. My pronouns are they/them. And I'm looking forward to be more active here.
  2. MintyDog

    Sketchbook: Me a Dog has art

    Hello its me Dog (Fuzzle on FA). I have some recent arts I'd like to share and also post my upcoming works as well. I've been doing furry art since 2006 or so, I started out doing pencil drawings and scanning them in on my parents printer/scanner. After about 5 years doing that I got photoshop...
  3. Yumacub

    Bored; Here's my Recent Artworks!

  4. obakawaii

    (Commission) Selling: Variety of Commissions Open ($30-$80 Starting Prices)

    Obakawaii Commissions General info: I do a lot of NSFW art, but definitely willing to do SFW!! *Payment is expected before work is started! *Most sizes are approx 8.5inx11in. *Prices may increase depending on complexity of character design. *Most options include a watermarked sketch for...
  5. yuukulele

    (Commission) Selling: Yuu's Chibi and MS Paint commissions! | $5-$27 | ✧ OPEN ✧

    OPEN || CLOSED Goal $460/$800 About It's fine if you don't wish to read this, it's just explaining why I have a goal set atop this thread. Wills and Won'ts *Feel free to make an inquiry about anything not listed! Will Draw Humanoids Anthros Quads Ferals Ponies Won't Draw NSFW Fetishes...
  6. FuzzleTheMintyDog

    Sketchbook: This Minty Dogs art in 2019!

    So far.. 38 Years www.furaffinity.net: 38 Years by Fuzzle Armin Birb www.furaffinity.net: Armin by Fuzzle Wind and the Sun on a Bun www.furaffinity.net: Wind and the Sun on a Bun by Fuzzle Fire in a Foals Eyes www.furaffinity.net: Fire in a Foals Eyes by Fuzzle How is it 2019 anyway...
  7. SevenArms

    New Speed Paint (No voice this time)

    I create a new speed paint video :D But I didn't have time to record anything for the voice over :/ Is a commission done for Derrick ft. Sashaindia :)
  8. SevenArms

    Paint demo or speed paint?

    I made a paint demo video of this big guy, is on youtube. But how do you call this kind of videos?? Paint demos or speed paints?? English is not my native language and I don't know is the same or there's a difference between them. ñ_ñ Here is the video: I'm still looking for a decent...
  9. DrWumblr

    Clip Studio Paint - Exporting Animation gif has different color output

    It might be subtle but it bothers me very much, every time I uploaded 2 slightly different animation gif, the color output differs like via image I posted, version one has darker and more saturate than version 2 - is there a way to fix this?