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  1. Snipernoah11

    A simple pokémon vore rp request (Discord/Discord server)

    First of all I only rp on Discord. I'm looking for a person(s) I can do a Pokemon rp idea I made recently that I think is pretty solid And this is that idea It's focused on my Ninetales, Viv, making a potion that clones another pokémon that drinks it. That clone is loyal to Viv and will...
  2. D

    A Star Wars RP

    Im looking to start a story driven, possibly NSFW, Rp. The type of characters will determine the age we start in or a overall preference. Rules: 1. No OP characters, you will be kicked for trying to be God. 2. Use proper grammar. 3. No one liner posts, this will be story based and will...