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  1. Pyszka

    Do anyone know "Freaks"?

    Hello, It's my first post so be gentle ;; I have seen some cool dystopian videos on yt, and then I discovered "Dead Sound" and "Don't Feed Freaks" () I have several questions now xD Are "Freaks" closed species? Or maybe creator allow us to make our own one? What kind of hybrid is that...
  2. Wulf Canavar

    [Children Of Polaris] (closed RP)

    [Children Of Polaris] Chapter 1 Jagen The time: June 1925 The place: Fairbanks, Alaska The event: Commencement Jagen sat in the main hall of the University of Alaska, listening to President Bunnell drone on about how this was a new century! And the class of 1925 had this new chance to...
  3. Dumbass Berb

    Free Art: Sfw and NSFW requests

    I need to get into the market of drawing other people's furry and yiff stuff so I need to start building up a portfolio. I'll take the next three requests, PM me if you need to. Tentacles? Feet? Diapers? Inflation? I'll do it. Only two things I won't do are minors and actual gore. I can also do...
  4. mojimoji

    Free Art: Sketch Requests (SFW)

    Hello! I want to practise furries more, so I thought this might help. (I hope I'm doing this right lmao;; ) It's NOT first come first served, and there's no guarantee I'll draw your oc/sona, I'm really just looking for designs that catch my eye/I feel confident enough to doodle, so I'm not...
  5. N

    (Closed) Anyone interested in D&D?

    Dunno if this is exactly the right place to post this thread, but since D&D is a form of roleplay, it seems like the closest fit. I've always wanted to play D&D, but never have really been able to. I only have one friend who does play D&D but her group isn't open to other players. I have only...
  6. Kierof

    Request: (CLOSED)(NSFW) Female Furry OC request!

    (CLOSED) Warning : My arts contain some weird fetish that I like. If you've willing to send your OCs here. I don't guarantee about your OC's aftermath! Hi, people! I'm interested at drawing NSFW furry arts! But I'm bored at my OC.... I need the inspiration of drawing NSFW art by your OCs...
  7. stardust_and_plastic

    Free Art: Free art a day

    Edit: Hey everyone! My tablet pen died and I now need to pay for it so I can't "afford" to do freebies right now. If you posted before 6/8/19, message me your references, but otherwise I am willing to do very inexpensive commissions XD Hey guys, I'm new here so I feel like I need to build...
  8. Zenkiki

    (Closed) Looking for more Rp partners.

    I am wanting to build a medieval fantasy type world with each species having it's own nation with its culture and traditions. The story will start with one of us coming from our home nation to the other as a slave and then the other is the prince/princess of their nation. This is more than...
  9. Morbid Sanity

    Hiring: Telegram Stickers Budget $30

    [CLOSED] Hello! I'm looking for someone willing to create a few telegram stickers for me of my character. (head only is fine) Here's a reference sheet for my panther fursona: Sadly my budget is only $30 USD and I can't go over it at all. I'm not asking for a crazy amount of stickers, I really...
  10. Vindoodles

    Hiring: Looking for semi-realistic character portrait(s). Rats!

    Hi there. New here, and figured this would be the best place to start when searching for a furry artist for two characters! To save some time for those looking to be hired, I am not seeking cutesey or anime art styles. Western comic styles are OK. I prefer artists with an established history of...
  11. Vaars

    NSFW Candy gore

    Looking to hire an artist for Candy gore! It will be a full body frontal view. If interested PM or comment below! Budget is 150+ CLOSED
  12. Vaars

    Reference sheet

    Hiya!! Looking to get a reference sheet done for a friend. Have a sketch of the character just need a sheet done! Budget is 100+ Reply here or PM me! Closed!
  13. Vaars

    Telegram stickers!

    Heya everyone! Looking to get a set of telegram stickers done! Ie my sona saying no way, or no, yes, heart motion, ect Budget is 100 PM me or post here if interested! I'll be picking an artist by Friday!
  14. T

    Looking for 80$ budget reference sheet for Anthro Pokemon

    Thank you to all of those who have applied but I have currentlly already found someone to do the ref sheet. i would "close" the post but i dont know how so this is all i got >->
  15. still_human1020

    Pounced down, what's left?

    i wasn't even aware of the entire awful, evil bullshit law that's causing so many dating sites to be shut down until it was too late to even get my messages again(I'm not even out of the loop, I thought! I get swamped with all kindsa petitions, and emails about current legal nonsense going on...
  16. OphusAtta

    $10 Adopt Closed Species: Scarred Kyrat (OPEN)

    *** Kyrats Are A Closed Species *** I, OphusAtta, am the creator of this species. If you wouls like your own Kyrat, please contact me for more details I drew this cool dude as an example to use when describing my new species to other people. Now that a few other people have gotten their own...
  17. Usagikitsune2

    Free sketches

    Just feel like I need to fill up my folders on FA but need some motivatiom so I'd like to do some sketches for a few of you. -willing to do a few simple designs for FREE -Maybe 1 or 2 nsfw for FREE, if your aesthetics match mine. Here is a couple drawings of mine:
  18. G

    Weird friendship?

    Hello there , first of all i hope you all a super great day because i care :) , the thing what happens between my friend and me is pretty weird , im not clingy or anything but finally we have managed to be room mates and the thing is im gay and hes bi , he couldn't wait to finally become room...
  19. Lympha Abyssal

    Looking For Couples Halloween Commission

    Hello Fur Affinity! My mate and I are looking for a Halloween commission for both of our sonas in one picture. The first sona is a d-girl shark named Chroma, pictured here: The second sona is a female dragon named Lympha, pictured as anthro here: Snaggy - easy screenshots and feral here...
  20. xXmaruXx

    sketching practice, unique sonas pref

    I cant say im very good, but i need some practice sketching and if it helps anyone else in the process then great just let me know the details