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  1. VulKaal

    Hiring: ($15+) Looking to get my Dragon drawn again. (closed)

    Wanting to get an anthro piece done, maybe an alt or two of the piece too. My price range is pretty flexible, but I don't want to spend a large amount. Don't be shy though, if you can draw then note me on FA https://www.furaffinity.net/user/vulkaal/ I'll look over all of the notes left. One...
  2. C

    Hiring: ($35+) Looking for clothing ref + possible updated ref

    Hey there! I'm looking for someone to do a clothing ref for my character. I'm mostly looking for someone to draw 3 outfits over his current ref. However, if you have experience with bara/dad bods I'd love to get a fully new ref including the three outfits and an NSFW view. Contact me on discord...
  3. tohi_ta

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: [Set price $30-60] Sexy girl Adoptables and Outfits + Commission [OPEN]

    **[Set price - 30-60 USD]** +30 USD - [I'll draw your character in this base] *Upon purchase you'll get: - full-size .PNG/.JPEG file of the adoptable without watermarks - .PNG file without background - line-art ver. - other file ver. on request :3 ----- **Important information** *Each 10% of...
  4. dahbastard

    Show me your character designs

    Hey, I just finished this character, yesterday, and I wanted to share them with you all. (https://www.furaffinity.net/view/40514287/) I kind of just made this character up on the spot, and don't know what their background is, or anything. But they look nice to be around. Do you have any...
  5. F

    Clothing design for anthros/furries?

    I'm kinda a stickler for realism in the furry world I have in my head, and have been trying to figure this out for a while. Mostly concerned with tail holes in pants. People usually seem to gloss over how you'd put on such an article of clothing and will add a tail hole or something but not a...
  6. MysticalSkittle

    Hiring: Hiring outfit commission | Maybe $30ish? -closed-

    Looking for someone to do a quick commission for me in the style of 'Ultimate Mating League' fun little concept created by Professor E-Girl (@the_dogsmith) on Twitter Needing someone who is good/comfortable at drawing and designing clothing. price is negotiable of course.
  7. Phoenixflaym_Eternity

    I draw male characters partially clothed and female characters fully clothed. Opinions?

    I draw cartoony anthros, and lately I've been drawing more male anthros in full clothing. This led me to wonder if I should draw all of them this way. Would it be distracting or confusing for some characters to wear full clothes and others not to? At the same time, I really like the look of...
  8. J

    Fursona hoodies

    Im not sure if im posting this in the right area but anyway. I was thinking about getting hoodies made for me and my boyfriend for our 2nd anniversary. Im a protogen and he is an artic fox. Havent really seen anything on here clothing wise but figured this would be a good place to start. If...
  9. 1


    So tell me "furriends" what's your favourite attire in vidya you like to dress your character with? For me it's Hitman 2's Imperial Classic: Traditional but not boring, distinct and yet not too much as to go into loud territory. A perfect balance between style and elegance. Those gloves give...
  10. Zayne

    Looking For Someone Who Can Make Socks

    I honestly don't know if people on here do make clothing, but I'm prodding around and seeing if anyone does. I'm thinking about getting some custom sona thigh high socks for my friend. If anyone does see this and does know how to make socks, message me and we can talk about prices. Price range...
  11. R

    Any Non-Binary/Genderless furs? and if so What kinds of Clothing can you wear to express yourself?

    hello! i was wondering if there was any other furs out there who identify as non-binary/Genderless? I am! And if so i'd like to ask, What kinds of clothing styles, or clothing do you wear to express your identity? I'm having a hard time finding things to wear to look how i identify as. Have an...
  12. RomieTears

    Help on a character's clothing?

    I'm putting together a simple ref sheet for one of my OCs, Poco. I've had him for a couple years now, and am finally paying more attention to him. He has been in the nude for as long as he's been around, so I'd like some suggestions as to what his dress style should be- or what he would look...
  13. H

    Looking for digital lineart clothes

    Looking for digital lineart clothes that I can custom to my heart's content Budget $200
  14. mixpomdog

    Anybody know how to draw clothing?

    i have a few sonas I want clothing on.Here are the characters and the clothing I want on them.The clothing will be the top and the character bottom Char 1 DRAWN Char 2 Char 3 Char 4 Also if the character has weapon of some sort you can also add it. You can also add accessories if it...
  15. Lunafleurr

    New to FA and Currently Holding Several Adoptable Auctions

    Hi, everyone! :D I'm Luna and new to the Fur Affinity community. I'm a housewife hoping to sell a few designs in my spare time. I generally draw fashion designs but also love to draw characters. If you could, please take a look at some of my auctions and see if there's anything you'd be...
  16. Zombie-Echo

    Outfit and Weapon Adopts (open)

    All designs featured below are open and available for purchase, unless otherwise stated. (1) OPEN (2) OPEN (3) OPEN Starting Bid: $12 www.furaffinity.net: Weapons: Adopts 2 (OPEN) Auction by Zombie-Echo
  17. M

    Female Avian Character (Clothed and Nude) (CLOSED)

    I'm looking for an artist who I could commission to draw a character. It would be a full body colored piece. They'd be drawing the character twice, side to side, in the same pose (one with clothing the other nude). I'm willing to pay up to $50 through paypal, pay half up front and half on...
  18. ThefriendlyFurry

    Need a Quick outfit made!

    ok so all I need is a quick outfit consisting of a black hoodie (hood over his head), a purple and gold hockey mask covering his face, Jeans, sneakers, and leather gloves. Here is Sean's Ref Sheet Below I also included a chibi outfit as a reference.
  19. Biological-Solutions

    Clothing Designs/Adopts FOR SALE (OPEN)

    Clothing adopts for sale. PRICE $15 USD www.furaffinity.net: Adoptable: Clothing: 360 (OPEN) by Biological-Solutions PRICE: $15 USD www.furaffinity.net: Adoptable: Clothing: 359 (OPEN) Auction by Biological-Solutions ON SALE- PRICE: $12 USD 353 CLOSED 354 CLOSED www.furaffinity.net...
  20. ruruscube

    Lingerie Clothing Adoptable

    I always update this when there is new open ones too! ♥ Left (at 10€, closes in 1 day if not bid on!): www.furaffinity.net: Clothing Adoptable (OPEN) by ruruscube Right (at 10€): www.furaffinity.net: Clothing Adoptable (OPEN) by ruruscube