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  1. Jessica Snow

    Main Site [Help] Fancying up my main profile?

    I see that basic BBcode is accepted, but I cannot paste BBcode that displays an image? How can I make my profile a little less... lame... if I can't post images or graphics I've made?
  2. T

    Any game developers here?

    I've been making games for a hobby for years now. I'm interested in knowing if programming or game developing in general is popular with the furry community. (I'm new to all of this furry stuff, but am pleased to meet you all. ^^')
  3. W


    Hi, I'm Wiren, I'm a dreamweaver(map builder/scripter) in Furcadia and I figured I'd share my most recent project for people outside to see.
  4. GrowlBurger

    Looking for a programmer (Imgur & Discord bot)

    Hello all, <tl;dr just backstory> I administrate an active and friendly furry community. It's hosted on Discord (though we are mostly text-based in terms of interaction), but our origin actually goes back to Imgur. Our founding member had a "tag list" on Imgur, where he had a list of members...
  5. tucakeane

    Bug/Site Problem: BBCode Size not working?

    Hey all, I've searched to see if there's any bugs with the code system but couldn't find anything. I'm trying to customize my profile info and wanted to make the font size a little larger in some spots. Been using the main BBCode help page (BB Codes | Fur Affinity Forums and it's been working...
  6. CtrlAltArtist

    How do I do the code thing?

    Hey FA forums...Um well for starters I am new to this neck of the woods so pardon me. But how do I do the code thing on FA? If you have a tutorial or what not, please please help me out. I want to make my FA not so bland. PS: I have had prior coding knowledge with Gaia Online stuff. So it...
  7. Luku_Zuku

    Contest Coding (DA)

    So there's a contest going on on Deviantart, and I was hoping to write a story for it. But I thought it wouldn't stand out enough, so I've decided to start coding the story, to make the more dramatic scenes of it pop. It's in it's most early stages, so there's just barely 4 lines of story, but...
  8. terriblebeast

    how to put images in profile??

    i really don't know any of FA's code and there are no tutorials anywhere. I'm trying to "paste" an image into my profile but idk what code to use. help??