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  1. DragonLolita

    Collab anyone?

    Examples of my work: Artwork Gallery for DragonLolita -- Fur Affinity [dot] net www.furaffinity.net: My fursona's new ref sheet~! by DragonLolita Artwork Gallery for DragonLolita -- Fur Affinity [dot] net www.furaffinity.net: Firefly Chibi Outfit ref~! by DragonLolita I would be doing the...
  2. LinnyChanPL

    Payday 2 themed pic? :D (We can make this a collab/trade!)

    THIS WILL BE LONG. So please read it carefully :D Soooo. This idea popped to my mind today. I played a lot of PD2 with my friends recently. I really would like to create a nice gift pic for them, including our gang as our fursonas. Thing is I really don't think my style of drawing would fit...
  3. Chandraken

    Coffee Date YCH and Striped kitty adopt available!

    Hey everyone! I am hosting a collaboration YCH with cinamoncune for your character in a fully shaded and detailed autumnal scene <3 You choose the character and the clothes, and we do the rest! The auction is due to end tomorrow, so check it out here if you would like to place a bid...
  4. Blushy

    Draw NSFW (fetishes) - Looking for Art Trades and Collabs!

    Hello there, I hope I didn't break any rule by creating this thread XD I'm looking for Art Trades! Actually, YOU can draw almost anything with my lovely bunny, SFW is OK too: Yoshiko - Reference [SFW] But in my part of trade I'll draw only something NSFW, because I just love it :] Fetishes...
  5. UndyingSongArt

    [NSFW] ADULT YCH "Taken For A Spin"

    [NSFW] www.furaffinity.net: NSFW YCH Collab Auction - Taken For A Spin [OPEN] by UndyingSong [NSFW] Auction ends this Sunday, 6PM EST ! All body types, genders and species welcome! Anatomy will be re-drawn to the winners' specification. Just no wings please, they won't fit this time. ^^; Thanks...
  6. Suki262

    Looking for Art Trades!

    Hey, Since I am working on commissions at the moment. I have decided that list is done, I wanted to work with more artists on some ideas. NSFW or SFW is cool with me, as long as I see some good quality work I would be happy to work with you. My gallery is here: Userpage of suki262 -- Fur...
  7. UndyingSongArt

    NSFW/ADULT YCH 3 char auction!

    www.furaffinity.net: ADULT YCH Auction - 3 Chars! by UndyingSong Please take a look! :3 Thank you !!