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  1. ruruscube

    Looking for someone to Collab with <3

    Hi people! Im looking for someone to Collab with on a future YCH (Nsfw). I want to do the sketch + lineart, and im Looking for someone who can do colors + shading. I'd like to make it an auction and split it 50%/50% :) Heres my fA gallery: https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/ruruscube/ If youre...
  2. The_Dark_Skull

    Find a English Friend Furry artist!

    Hello! I have a question... I would like to know,where i can find a Friend or girlFriend on FA? Maybe Special FA profile or journal? I recently returned to the study of English language and my English in not good (i'm from Russia)...And I would be interested to get acquainted with who I have...
  3. BlackLynk

    The Lion Guard Rap OPEN COLLAB

    I need rappers knowledgeable about the Lion Guard TV show or any of The Lion King movies I need your creativity and bars https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1IOvTrTLXDROxbAixTWv19emR_fF-l5FZ?usp=sharing everything you need is in that document
  4. rstrfckr

    (Other) Selling: searching for artists to do ych collab with me

    hi! im searching for artists to do ych collab with me earnings 50/50 here is my gallery https://www.furaffinity.net/user/rstrfckr/ thank you for reading
  5. TyraWadman

    Girl/Boy band of FAF?

    I remember a while back there was that whole fun poll of who should rule FAF and thought 'what if we do that but for an official FAF Boyband/Girlband? >u> Rules (so far): Application: Things to Ponder/Discuss: Band Names Themes/Styles or music genres Band Drama (for funsies) Current...
  6. iDrakostral

    Art Trades/collabs?

    Heyo! This is my first post in the forums! I've decided to open up to some collabs or trades! I would prefer people who are on the same art level as me (ex; not using bases mainly) Examples of my work; Star WIP by iDrakostral -- Fur Affinity [dot] net ZORDIC2 by iDrakostral -- Fur Affinity...
  7. PaxTerra

    Looking for people who want to take their art to the next level

    Hello everyone! I'm really trying to improve my art skills and become a better artist so I'm asking if there is someone(s) out there who want the same thing and would like to collaborate? :) What I mean is that we will follow each others on whatever media we upload regularly to and post...
  8. Pulmocean

    Collabs anyone?

    Hello! I would love to do some collabs and make some friends if anyone interested! My FA page with my art samples: furaffinity.net/user/pulmocean Please reply to this thread if interested, thank you!
  9. E

    Any good drummers who could stream their playing by ethernet?

    Hello :3, my name is halite and I'm wondering if perhaps any of you want to start an online band?
  10. 00099988drak

    Up for collab?

    anyone interested in doing collab? I'm looking for a line artist who can draw my OCs Some of my work
  11. saimatuska

    Art Trade: Anyone want to collab?

    Hi! I'm interested in making some art collabs but I dont have many friends to ask to collab with so I thought to try if anyone here would be interested. Here is some examples of my art style: And here is a link to my page: Userpage of Saimatuska -- Fur Affinity [dot] net I'm open for all...
  12. Byzance123 Rauss Khan

    collab project (non vore ?)

    Hello Yes, I will maybe do a non vore comic or something like that but this still a proposition. I was thinking for anal insertion or something like that. A long comic project on 4 pages (2 pictures every pages). I propose you 2 ocs groups: - Hurdene and Tretus: www.furaffinity.net: Tretus...
  13. 00099988drak


    hey I'm looking for someone to do collaboration with. I'm hoping for someone to do the line art and I'll add the colour. Or at do line art from sketchs. I'm looking for someone who can do human or furrys. SFW or NSFW is allowed.
  14. Tall_Lizzard


    hey what's up, not sure if this is the right sub-forum but anyway anybody trynna do a collab? i would like to work on some cute stuff, take a break from nsfw art. anybody here specializes on that? looking for a person with my level of skill or just a little better/worse i'm willing to do a...
  15. xremeidiot

    The Mayfly Game

    This a little collaborative storytelling game my sister and I came up with as kids. It’s simple: Every post describes an hour of a mayfly’s life. At the end of the 24th hour, the game ends. Each hour can be as simple or as detailed as you want. The goal is to create as crazy of an adventure as...
  16. T

    [NSFW] Fun Pokemon Comic Collab

    Hey guys. I've come up with a new comic idea, but I don't have any art skills. So I'm looking for someone who is willing to make art with me. It'll be a 50%-50% control, with me writing the story and the artist drawing the artwork. The story involves a young man who makes a wish to Jirachi...
  17. snizard

    Looking for someone to do a ych collaboration

    Hello I'm snizard. I'm looking for someone in order to do ych collaborations. For example you can do linearts and i can color it. Then we share the incomes. If you are interested reply to this or note me on Userpage of snizard -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  18. Daithi Aaron Radcliff

    Collaboration role play

    Greetings 1 and all as I am looking for somebody that would want to collab with me. I know that everybody has a story to tell and everybody has something else going on with their characters so I'm just asking as a friendly citizen and also a friendly figure.
  19. Lawkbutt

    Art Collab

    I'm looking to start a collaboration with someone of a similar skill level in order to get more exposure. If anybody is interested, please DM me with some of your art so we can talk about working on a project next week. My FA gallery is right here, if you are interested: Userpage of...
  20. ruruscube

    Hiring an artist to collab with me

    My furaffinity: Userpage of ruruscube -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Info: - Id like to make a NSFW single female or 2 female character YCH pinup without a background! - Id love the piece to be done in a timeframe of about 10 days! - We split the drawing process in sketch/lineart and...