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  1. A

    Illustrator looking for writer for collaborative effort

    EDIT 01/11/2017: ''Applications'' are closed for now ----- Yo, So I'd like to do a comic, a kinetic novel or even a visual novel to make some sweet dough out of, the problem is that I'm not much of a writer. On the flipside I think that while not extraordinary my art is alright. For those...
  2. Shadify

    Open for trades and tradellabs!~

    Hey y'all! Userpage of shadify -- Fur Affinity [dot] net - here's my gallery. You can see most of my artworks and skills here. I can do both SFW and NSFW . If you're willing to be my trade or collab partner - please let me know here or in pm. (here or in FA pm) Leave a link to your gallery...
  3. M

    Anyone up for a TF collab?

    It'll involve two people turning into husky anthros, one of which will TG. The trigger for which, will be caused by harnesses, tails, and any other form of furry clothing. Sex and implied preg will be involved.
  4. A

    [Creative] The Visual Novel Collaboration Thread / VN Dev Catalogue

    Greetings. The main purpose of this thread is to function as a catalogue of developers for those users interested in creating a visual novel of their own. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...