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college student

  1. vibesofeuphoria


    Hey everyone! My name's Ariadne (feel free to call me Ari; also, my pronouns are they/them) and while I was active in the forums here under a different pseudonym I no longer use a long time ago, I'm getting back into the Fandom and wanted to introduce myself! I'm a barista, trail guide, and...
  2. Itsybigsy

    (Commission) Selling: Bigsy's art shop | digital paintings, sketches, and more! $5-50+ (open)

    I've been feeling the need lately to get some work done, so I figured I'd make a post! I will close the shop at around three orders for now -(open) -(open) -(open) I'm open to drawing pretty much anything, some things are merely outside my experience and may not be as polished looking. The...