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  1. GrimnCoyote

    Easy-Times RP Recruitment

    Good evening ladies and gents, I'm GrimnCoyote. I am a moderator in the roleplay group known as Easy-Times and currently we are sniffing out new members. Now you may be asking yourself "what is Easy-Times", well my friend the answer is simple. Easy-Times or ET for short is a discord server...
  2. Moon_Artisan

    Game Art College

    As some as you know, im a college student in Game Art! Here is a piece i did for class! Hope you like it!
  3. charlesgray

    Not understanding a question

    So one of my college professors invited my class to a presentation by a doctor from Cambridge (doctorate in law) . The topic was about U.N. law which ties into my international studies major so I went and it was a pretty great lecture. Then we got to the question portion and this is when I...
  4. Zhalo

    Unrealistic Careers?

    I have always been interested in history, Its always been my best/favorite subject in school. I remember when I remember when I was 10, 11, and 12ish that I wanted to study history in college. The thing is though when I was 12 or so my parents were asking me what I wanted to major in in college...
  5. TheCreator2017

    English Major Trying to Return to University

    Hello all. The Creator here. I'm trying to get back into college and need a little extra money now that it's become WAAAY more tight than i would like it to. So i decided that I'd take up writing commissions for those of you with characters or ideas you'd like to see on paper. If you'd like to...
  6. B

    Roommate offers you some human meat - Wyd?

    So, imagine you were in college, and on a budget. As in, you've eaten ramen noodles for lunch and dinner for the past week. Now imagine you come back from class one afternoon your homie, who is an excellent cook btw, looks at you and says "Well, I found this dead guy, and you know how we've been...
  7. A

    Succubus / Demon Adoptable - Please help

    I know it's not that good -- and honestly it's a few years old -- but I'm selling this succubus/demon character. I'll probably be making more, this is somewhat of a test run. Rules: do whatever you want him/her/them, but don't claim credit for him/her/them. You can resell or trade or whatever...
  8. M

    Patience/Tolerance for animation?

    I want to know how to build up a patience and/or tolerance to animate. I'm taking an animation class in college right now and it's really stressing me out with how much I have to put into it, and I was wondering if anybody had some tips for animating to make this class less stressful for me.
  9. Zemble

    Anyone currently going to Pittsburgh Technical College? (Formerly PTI)

    I'm going to be starting there next month and I don't know anyone else. Are there any furs going there, too? Would be cool to hang out.