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colored pencils

  1. F

    Free Art: (CLOSED temporarily) SR2 Semi-SFW artwork - Looking for fursonas

    I'm planning my first actual art project. It will be based in a Saints Row 2 style Saints Hideout. I'm looking for fursonas to use in the project. If you're interested, I'll need a full body image of the sona you want me to use. I'm going to convert any anthro / digitigrade feet into more...
  2. TheRabbitFollower

    Ambriel's Commission Thread

    Normally I just advertise on my dA, but I figured I'd bring it over to my FA as well, especially since I need more furry examples! My dA: Following-The-Rabbit on DeviantArt My FA: Userpage of ambriel -- Fur Affinity [dot] net My commission prices start at $7.50 USD. Plus, I'll draw pretty much...
  3. Daggerjaw Bloodwolf

    Chibi/derps starting from 5$ OPEN

    Hello there FA, I am open for simple traditional derps that I recently uploaded here:www.furaffinity.net: Shizuka and Riz derps by Daggerjaw729 Please do note me for a slot ( or comment on this thread) if you are interested. They are 8$ including shipping for Europe and 10$ including shipping...