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colored sketch

  1. Strange_Aeonx

    (Commission(s)) Head/Bust Sketches

    I'm currently taking head/bust sketch commissions for $15 dollars. If you want them colored, they are $25 USD. TOS and Open Commissions Portfolio: https://sta.sh/21cbo3ukxbe8?edit=1 Thank you for checking them out! They'll be open nearly all the time.
  2. Darin Waller

    (Commission) Selling: Ko-Fi Quick Sketches (CLOSED)

    EDIT 05-26-2022: Commissions are CLOSED! Greetings! You may call me Darin, I'm a digital artist and graphic designer. I'm currently open for simpe, quick commissions, base prices ranging from $9 to $25. You can find some examples of my work on my Ko-Fi page. Please, make sure you read carefully...
  3. Berry_Slice

    Hiring: ($50+) (Closed) Two Character Pinup Sketch: Lunar New Years Themed

    Hello, I am looking for an artist to hire for a two character pinup piece of my two girls pressing against each other in tiger-skin bikinis for the upcoming holiday xD. I do have a pose in mind, but if anyone wants to reach out to me for what I have in mind I will send it to ya! Or if I come...
  4. tokiou

    (Commission) Selling: Knee-up Colored Sketches ($50)

    tos: tinyurl.com/svesm6d YES: OCs, CANON, FURRY NO: MECHA, DETAILED ARMOR, NSFW One character only. Minimum shading with a simple bg. Payment will be through paypal. Please email me at tokiou.art@gmail.com for inquires! Thank you for your interest <3
  5. Rikkoshaye

    Free Art Giveaway!

    Hey all! I'm hosting a free art giveaway on my twitter and thought some of you guys might be interested ^-^ The only rules are to follow me and retweet, and I'll be choosing the winner on November 29th! Go check it out if that sort of thing interests you: Thanks to anyone who participates...