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colored sketches

  1. Robinik

    (Commission) Selling: Grimm's Semi-realistic General Digital Commissions | $14-$94+ | SFW & NSFW

    Welcome! Please contact me via private messages to claim a slot. All prices listed are in USD. Payment only via PayPal. ──────────────────────────────────────────────── Pricelist ──────────────────────────────────────────────── Sketches More examples Mugshot | $16 Portrait | $26 Thigh-up |...
  2. Shadowfurykatrina

    $5 quick uncolored bust sketches! feral,human & anthro

    trying to get some extra quick cash before AX SO (I'm going on the 5th so the quicker i get the money, the better) offering some quick sketches! examples under spoiler! $5 USD for uncolored bust - $6 USD for colored bust feminine nippies are allowed payment accepted through venmo and paypal~...
  3. Golden_Gummy

    (0/3) Colored Sketches

    I'm sitting in class bored and I thought I'd do some sketches. I would be doing them afterschool when I get home. I won't be doing them all only the characters I feel like I could do and feel good about it. Tell me a pose you would like your character in (0/3) wasn't meant to be there. I'll do...
  4. Telltale-Sheriff

    SALE! $30 Coloured sketches~!

    (Also thats a dudes nipple in the banner) GET $5 OFF IF YOU COMMISSION MY LITTLE PONY. (OC's welcome) I'm doing a little coloured sketch sale, because WHY NOT? Heh. I do NSFW and SFW! Fetishes and such are welcome, I'll let you know what I WON'T draw. I will draw OCS, Self inserts, humans...
  5. araneaetela

    Character Commissions: Human or Anthro

    Opening up commissions until around February so I can save up for a trip to the states, and to help me pay for other every day things (around this time it'd be christmas presents, groceries, etc... I'm a university student and I support myself so any form of extra income would be awesome and...
  6. Sladin5Ever

    Trading Cards

    My friend and I came up with the idea for trading cards, like Topps sports and Pokemon/Yugioh/etc cards. Here's what they'd look like, in both basic and attack cards: Pricing: Depending on type of art you want (colored sketch, flats, flats+shading, full drawing) prices will vary: Be advised...
  7. PrismaKitty

    Iron Artist Sale! $15+ {SFW & NSFW}

    I can't do the full 100 drawing challenge, because I have other projects and events happening throughout the summer, so I'm going to offer 50 slots to those who want to take advantage of this offer! What am I offering? Pay $15 for one of the following: Flat colored sketch (Only offered...
  8. AlphaSheWolf

    $10 fully coloured refined sketch sale

    March Exclusive Sale! Fully coloured sketches only $10! $10 for a coloured sketch of: - Halfbody/Bust - Anthro - Fullbody Feral - Colour or very simple background included - Can add name of character for no extra - Wings/complicated designs no extra!!! - SFW and NSFW - Extra Character + $5 -...