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  1. BadRoy

    How to Handle an Ugly Color Palette?

    You know how it is. You're stuck drawing a character who, for some reason, has full-saturation, ugly color combinations. You can't remember why you accepted the commission, but now you're stuck with it. Ugh. Full-whites, full-reds, it's a mess. What does an artist do in this situation? Do you...
  2. Jojer

    Sparklesonas and Wild Colors? How do they work?

    Because every sona suits their owner differently, I suspect there are many reasons as to why “natural” animals or even hybrid and fantastical beasts have “unnatural”, loud or vibrant colors and patterns that aren’t typically occurring in nature. How does your sona get those colors? Is it a...
  3. RomieTears

    Help on a character's clothing?

    I'm putting together a simple ref sheet for one of my OCs, Poco. I've had him for a couple years now, and am finally paying more attention to him. He has been in the nude for as long as he's been around, so I'd like some suggestions as to what his dress style should be- or what he would look...
  4. Zel_____

    10 monster bunny adoptables for sale!

    Hello all! I've created 10 awesome, adorable, monstrous, bunny-ish things that you can adopt and call your own. They're each in a ladder option, so you can snag them as-is for as low as $10, or add whatever customizations you want for up to $35. If you like my art style but aren't sure about...
  5. Cyrilcynder

    Dragons or Other Critters (Feral)

    Prices: (Simple refers to a younger dragon, or one with out clothing or jewelry, Complex refers to one with clothing and jewelry) Simple dragon, simple background, basic or iridescent colors: $5 Complex dragon, simple background, basic or iridescent colors: $8 Simple dragon, simple...
  6. Cobalteus

    Color Schemes

    Ok so the fursona I use now was just a temporary one just until I could think of a better one and I have thought of what species I wanted and designs I'd like to have on it, but I am still looking for a good color scheme. I have a few in mind but I'm not 100% sold on them and I want my new...
  7. AlphaSheWolf

    $15 Headshot Badges-Ready to be printed, laminated and worn! Discounts available!

    Hi guys, want a badge of your character? Examples: www.furaffinity.net: Headshot Badge Commissions OPEN by AlphaSheWolf www.furaffinity.net: Headshot Badge Commissions OPEN by AlphaSheWolf Semi realistic headshot Flat(ish) colour Any species Any Gender PayPal only £10.50 GBP or $15 USD...
  8. crystallinecanine

    What's the deal with you?

    I've always been interested in other's fursonas and as to why a lot of them have brightly colored fur and unique markings. Tell me why your fursona has an extraordinary look!
  9. narutogod123

    Commissions (Open)

    These my prices for my commissions, please email with the subject "Commissions" if you want one :) Fiverr Gig See more Examples here : Userpage of blackstarin123 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Commission info: Journal Email me if interested : desirulz234@gmail.com Examples here