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  1. JuniperW

    Colour schemes

    What’s your favourite combination(s) of colours to use for designing characters? Mine is black primarily accented with red and I admit I probably overuse it quite a bit. it might not surprise you that my all-time favourite fictional character is well-known for having this exact colour scheme
  2. 00099988drak

    Up for collab?

    anyone interested in doing collab? I'm looking for a line artist who can draw my OCs Some of my work
  3. WimexSeven

    Made myself an icon!

    I'm new and I needed an icon, so I drew myself one! I really love dragons! It was supposed to only be a sketch, but it got a little out of hand lol On another note, I'll love to get to know everyone! I only signed up today and am rather new to the furry community ._.'
  4. Eljado

    (Commission) Selling: 40$ Colour Painted Busts

    G'day! I'm selling bust commissions for 40$ USD (Paypal only) You can email me at eljado00@gmail.com or complete the Google-form: forms.gle: Eljado - commission sheet I'm quite new to commissions so I dont have a lot to show but here are some pieces I've created for myself...
  5. Kade ZKing

    Art Trade: ATW - Trade Open

    I been thinking of opening up trade for my ATW - series which stands for Around the World series, as it was so populer. And to see it anyone want to take part. It's quite simple. You pick a character and a country, then drawn them in a well know outfit form that country. Also the flag of that...
  6. 00099988drak

    Commission Furry or Comic

    All details can be found here www.furaffinity.net: Commission by 00099988DRAK Or go for Kiss Lisa - Commission www.furaffinity.net: Kiss Lisa - Commission by 00099988DRAK
  7. Zouu

    (Commission) Selling: New to the Furry Game - Portraits £7, Full Body £15!

    please either PM or comment below if you are interested :) (will not draw Gore/NSFW)