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comic art

  1. Busterslug420

    Comic (Pilot) The Breeze

    This is a comic I've been working on. I've changed episode 1 a lot. I'm working on some new pages. I have the script for Episode 1 and 2 done. You can check me out at www.DeviantArt.com/SmashDraw93
  2. Starwolf

    Comic Colourist iso comic artist

    Hello! My name is Star, and I'm looking for a comic artist, who is in need of a colourist! I find myself with a lot of free time, and a need to practice my art. Since I already do recolours of other peoples' characters, I figured, why not put myself to the test? I've gotten pretty good at...
  3. Mr. Butterton

    A Dedicated Comic Illustrator

    Hello! I am currently searching for an artist for my developing web comic: Forge-Story. It's about a young boar named Wilfred J. Butterton who dreams of being a knight, and going on adventures. However, he isn't exactly "adventurer" material. He's clueless, inexperienced, childish, and even a...
  4. DLewis28

    Public Domain books and stories

    What are the best books\stories to create a fan-made comic out of? I want to create a fan comic but don't know where to start.
  5. DLewis28

    New webcomic series in the works

    I'm working on two new web-comic series. One being sci-fi adventure while they other is fantasy comedy. I will try to give more detail about them as soon as I can.
  6. H

    showcasing some of me arts

    Wanted to showoff some of me art to people and to just try to get more of my stuff out there to more peps to see what they think. art starts here - redraw of a old sketch of tuki from shantae - really happy with how this pose and lines just came out - little butt doodle of a new character...