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comic books

  1. C

    Comic books and graphic novels?

    What is the difference? Are they synomyms? I'm reading Persepolis for a college class and it got me thinking. What is manga considered?
  2. Frail_Hellion

    Save the Freedom Fighters

    www.change.org: Sign the Petition
  3. J

    New comic: Pollen

    www.facebook.com: Pollen All about the comic and where to purchase can be found here. Please give us a like to show you stopped by for future updates!
  4. Mr. Beaver

    Hi ,i would like to share my furry action/fantasy comic :)

    Hi , my name is Pablo and i would like to share my furry shonen/action/fantasy comic with you: It is called Mr. Beaver https://tapastic.com/series/Mr-Beaver It is the first time i publish a web comic and i would like to know what you think, please let me know your comments and feedback ...
  5. Coffee Lion

    Does anyone else read Tooth and Claw???

    Thisssssssssss This right here>>>> Started reading it some time last year. A random buy at the local comic store and I got sucked in. Sadly moved from that fantastic little store, so no new issues for a while, I think I'm on issue 8 or something like that. It's an interesting story with...
  6. 8BitPandaStrike

    Thinking of taking requests for Sketches..

    As the title says I am thing ot either doing trades or free sketches just to get a bit recognized and then move my way up to commissions in the future. They will be mostly in black and white though unless you are specific. I only do traditional and I don't use a scanner but I do my best to take...