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  1. NikGee

    'Feline Funnies' comic strip series

    Hello, everyone I'm completely new to FA as I've opened an account to post my [non-kinky] comic strip series called "Feline Funnies". Here's a link to my page: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/nikgee/ I draw comics just for the passion of it; I already got a full time job so I have no need to...
  2. Daze CrimsonWolf

    I'm making a comic. How can I promote it to a bigger audience?

    So, I started out with a simple backstory for my character, and this idea expanded in to a full-blown project in the form of a comic with all kinds of lore, characters, story arcs, settings, world building etc. I felt that it would be great to have the finished project out in the open for people...