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  1. fightdragon

    looking for an art on FA

    I think I found it
  2. fightdragon

    could you please help me find a comic on furaffinity.

    I think I found it
  3. fightdragon

    Need help to find a draw (maybe comic)on FA

    I think I found it
  4. S

    Webcomic: The Focus

    This is a comic I've been putting out for a little while. THE FOCUS The story of Zaan on a quest to follow his dreams. It's a passion project I've finally taken off the back burner. Hope it's as dope to yall as it is to me.
  5. R

    Hiring: Looking for artist for long term NSFW comic/sequence pic series

    Hello all! I'm looking for an artist who can help me with a long(ish) comic/sequence idea I'd like to do. It's an NSFW series I had in mind set on a beach featuring H/F and H/M scenes. There's nothing too fetish-y planned but I wanted to advertise those themes as I know not everyone is...
  6. crshrck78

    (Commission) Selling: ($35+) NSFW/SFW Couples draw commissions on $30

    >Any Species (Human, Furry, semi-humans, etc) >Detailed background have's an extra price >I love draw tentacles, do not hesitate to ask me for tentacle commissions >I don't have taboos, just don't ask me for gore or mecha > Payment: Only Paypal I receive the payment once the detailed sketch is...
  7. Marmenuar

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Comic Hot Date (fixed price)

    Fixed Price: 300€ Only one slot Any gender Canines and similar (wolves, hyenas, foxes etc) Hairs are ok Paypal only 100% prepayment No wings Payment during the day Claim here: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/48149393/ Example:
  8. outraged

    Outraged digital commissions! (Sketch/flat color/full color) Starting at 15$-35$ for full body. Looking to fill 2 slots! SFW and NSFW

    Prices for full body! >>>>> Sketch - 15$ NSFW example: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/42353557/ Flat colour (no shading+some simple light) - 25$ NSFW example: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/46942910/ Full colour (Shading and light) - 35$ NSFW examples...
  9. JaredDillon

    Webcomic - Wayward

    Hello! I've been working on a new webcomic called Wayward, which follows a budding zoologist as she studies the strange and wonderful wildlife on the island of Knollos. It's going to be a light-hearted, episodic fantasy story that I hope you will enjoy! Webtoons Updates won't have a set...
  10. 00099988drak

    Comic £/$

    For two OC, in full color. More is allow but will cost extra or 10% off original priceif one of my oc is included Head - £8/$10 Half Body - £15/$20 Full - £20/$25 Extra panels 50% of original price Simple backgrounf free, detail extra £1/$1 for each panel
  11. S

    WIP Shyft Normal Form Character

    Working on some preliminary concept art for a new character for my upcoming comic series, Shyft. The art is by me and Ninja Haku. Thoughts?
  12. Xyulihanx

    (Commission) Selling: Comic YCH (Two pages/NSFW)

    Here is the original post on my furaffinity page :https://www.furaffinity.net/view/45795122/ Check it out if you're interested!:)) Thanks!
  13. Byzance123 Rauss Khan

    Art Trade: looking for an anal vore trade

    Hello is anyone able to do an anal vore comic with me in trade ? here is my gallery : https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/germanor123/ Hope you like it. I need a good art level if it's possible.
  14. CYSYS8993

    Sketchbook: I'm working on an action/adventure webcomic

    The comic is called "Critter Fighters" and it's especially recommended to those who grew up with Sonic (like I have) or have rabbits as their favorite animal. Check it out in my FA gallery. Or in my DeviantArt. PS it's on Tapas too
  15. S

    (Comic/Ask Blog) Ask Aijouki Anything

    Gonna post all the pages I have so far in bulk, for now You can post a question for her here, if you want
  16. KitsuneMaster20

    anyone know how to make an idea of the Hare And Turtle Nerd Meganekko comic Furry/Realistic Style

    I have no clue if they have furry comics of turtle characters and i didn't seen one of yet, some furry comics might have popular reptile species like Alligators, Croccdiles, Snakes/Pythons, Frogs and lizards and they don't have turtle characters again. :( i think it's kinda sad that furry comic...
  17. BrunoMax895

    Looking for a partner for a cute digimon RP (possible might turn into a comic)

    Hello there. I'm looking for a partner that would RP a female digimon character that would befriend and eventual love interest to my digimon character, Ashtar. Ashtar is a Armadillomon who was adopted by his Ankylomon mother, living with her. He's a very active and lively. He's also very...
  18. L

    Hiring: ($100+) Need multiple, quality comic artists for Patreon / SubscribeStar Transformation comics

    Please note that we need artists who can complete a comic page drawn from a written script (written in English) within one week's time for the entire run of the comic (generally 12-16 pages). We also need artists who can do the comic page from rough layout to full color with dialogue, sound...
  19. Byzance123 Rauss Khan

    comic art trade

    Hello I am looking for a big comic trade based on butt vore or boots/butt crush. If anyone is up for this, here are the ocs I would like you use for the vore: Pred: https://d.furaffinity.net/art/germanor123/1621199302/1607522230.germanor123_bjorg.png Prey...