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  1. C


    I'm new to this forum, but was wondering if anyone knows where I could get any original copies of Vootie or if anyone had a copy that they'd be willing to part with? I'm especially interested in #13. If you or anyone you know could help me find this (or any copies of Rowrbrazzle), I don't even...
  2. NikGee

    'Feline Funnies' comic strip series

    Hello, everyone I'm completely new to FA as I've opened an account to post my [non-kinky] comic strip series called "Feline Funnies". Here's a link to my page: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/nikgee/ I draw comics just for the passion of it; I already got a full time job so I have no need to...
  3. Hitaka5Ever

    (Commission) Selling: Comic Flatter LF Work ($15/HR)

    Hello, my name is Rocky Fuller and I'm currently looking for work through comics, more specifically doing flats for characters and base of backgrounds if needed (I cannot do full backgrounds unfortunately) Please read my requirements when working with me before ordering. Here are examples of my...
  4. crowman97

    (Commission) Selling: Hey everyone I’m having a discount 60-80 dollars

    Hey everyone, my gfs dog needs some help so I’m having a sale through august 80 dollars full colorpage comics 60 dollars 2 panel full color comics 70 dollars 3 panel full color comics Will do sfw and nsfw no water sports or scat we can discuss any other things I don’t think I will do. Contact me...
  5. F.lee_art

    Sketchbook: Flees sketchbook!! (And mini comics)

    I draw thangs
  6. lizbeth490021

    The Anaether - weird adult scifi drama with some queer smut (non-furry)

    Hi Everyone, I'm currently working on the prototype chapter of my adult scifi drama graphic novel, "The Anaether." It's intended for adult audiences only. The first 20 pages have been released on the main website. You can check out the blog for updates and works and progress, and check out...
  7. Kosmo Kittypup

    Retro/Vintage Furry Comic Recommendations?

    hey, as someone who has an interest in anime and manga from before the 2000's(particularly the 80's), i thought i would ask about some good furry works from those times as well! are there any old furry comics/graphic novels/etc that any of you would recommend? i'm already kinda interested in...
  8. Ravofox

    books, comics or graphic novels featuring a modern style anthro society?

    I know this is a strangely phrased title, but I couldn't think of anything better to express what I'm asking about XD. Basically, I was wondering what other literary works feature a similar concept to Beastars (i.e a contemporary - not historical or futuristic - society populated by anthros and...
  9. UwUCarlaUwU


    oo ack this is edgy, help me come up with a title! :3
  10. HSkunk

    The Sonic IDW Comics

    If you've read them, what are your opinions on them? Who are are your favorite characters? What's been your favorite part or Issue so far? If you haven't read them, do you want to or are planning to?
  11. bluezcherry

    (Commission) Selling: Traditional Comic Commissions - 25-65USD

    I'm doing ink and marker comic commissions!! :D these are base prices, so they’re adjustable depending on the page. I hope the FAQ isn't too confusing for people. email is differentjasper@gmail.com, or just message me here on the forum ^v^ examples in higher quality: strip 1, strip 2, small...
  12. DLewis28

    What are the best web comics?

    I have been out of touch from the indie comics for a long time. I like to know what is the best indie web comics right now?
  13. driftingdragon

    Want to be in a comic?

    Hi everyone! Driftingdragon here. Just trying to prod the general public for what they think about some stuff. So I'm working on a really big comic, Here! (Prologue+chapter 1 sketches) I want to know you guy's advice on this? What would make this comic stand out as something you want to be...
  14. Catdog

    What are you reading?

    Thread is about books/comics/manga you're currently reading! You can include your first impressions, reviews of recently read books, or anything else relevant to current reading! I just finished Dune by Frank Herbert (my first time reading science fiction! awesome, highly recommended) and I'm...
  15. MB_Thomas

    (Commission) Selling: Cartoon-style Commissions starting at $35

    I currently have 6 slots open. If you have any questions or comments feel free to stop by my FA page
  16. V

    The Umbrella Academy Thread

    This is the thread we can talk about The Umbrella Academy that is available on Netflix. It's a superhero Netflix Original that's based on the comics made by Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance. Here are a few questions: 1. Who is your favourite character and why are they your favourite? 2...
  17. C

    The Unnatural (awesome image furry comic)

    Hey, I'm just trying to raise awareness for this awesome comic from Image called The Unnatural, it's about this pig girl named Leslie losing finding out she has some kind of power inside of her that a shady group wants to exploit for their own ends, she is being helped out by a white wolf with...
  18. Asher Grey

    Tapastic Suggestions?

    Hey guys, Since Tapastic has lost so many comics to other sites recently, I'm running low on good reads. I'm looking for comics like Laid in Lavender, Griefer Belt, and Ascent. Looking more for really good art, and if it has furries, that's always a bonus. I really only use the one site for...
  19. LuckyHuxsky

    LuckyHuxsky: Watch me draw for you real-time or get an affordable NSFW comic!

    Hi guys! I'm so excited to finally be in a place where I'll have enough time to take commissions for you all! I noticed in these threads that the things I would want most are either unavailable or very expensive. I want to make it easy to get the NSFW content you want, fast and affordably...
  20. Leo Whitepaw


    I didn't see a tread about this already, soo; I made one :3 Feel free to call me an attention whore:D Basically, post whatever twokinds-related thing in here. twokinds.keenspot.com: Page 1 - Twokinds