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  1. Joy

    Colorist/Character Designer looking for job!

    Hello Everyone! I go by TotallyTits: Userpage of TotallyTits -- Fur Affinity [dot] net I am a small art business owner and a character designer. I enjoy selling character designs, fashion designs and commissions for anyone who is interested. I love making people happy with my artwork! I am...
  2. B

    My Dear Lifeguard (opinions?)

    Hey guys I just saw this comic and it's starting to like me: www.furaffinity.net: My dear Lifeguard by R-N What do you think of this comic?
  3. Wulfn

    Couple Comics I've Made

    Hi everyone, I am super new to the fandom and just finally kinda accepted its who I am. Im in Chandler, AZ so if anyone in the area is interested to meet, let me know! Drawing is such a stress reliever and I plan to continue making comics weekly when possible. I have a Tumblr, Twitter, and a...
  4. LogicNuke

    Any Saga Fans Out Here?

    I'm surprised there wasn't a thread already for this, but there is one now. Saga is graphic novel series by Brian K. Vaughn and Fiona Staples that could be best summed as a science fantasy/space opera which like Star Wars and Game of Thrones had lovechild and using CRISPR gene therapy to give...
  5. B

    If I like Night Physics, what else would I like?

    Looking for furry or non-furry gay romance or just comics with moody gay characters that's really well drawn and with a good story. A new page of NP comes out once every blue moon, so I'd appreciate something new. I love this comic and honestly nothing else I've found measures up to it in terms...
  6. Lightrail

    Open for Character Commissions & More!

    Hello everyone, I'm always open for character commissions and/or illustrative work. Check out my rates below! My style's pretty expansive, if you don't know if I can draw it or not, just ask. More information/examples can be viewed on my art blog.
  7. Katergaris

    [Discussion] What is it you look for in novels/comics/books

    I've wondered what others view are on this... What is it to you that differentiates the "meh" from the "wow!" I've always been a sucker for a character you can relate to, or at least one that I can empathize or attempt to understand! Of course the art and structure are rather important as well...
  8. LimeReptile

    Commissions open! Icon,sketch, painting, comics and more!

    Hello! I'm Limereptile and I love drawing any kind of cute creature! Looking for an icon, a snazzy-looking sketch or even a comic page? Then, this is the right place for you! IMPORTANT INFORMATION BEFORE ORDERING : -I only draw SFW, blood and minor gore, - I will turn down any...
  9. Mr. Beaver

    Support my work and get commissions!

    Hi name is Pablo Verdugo and i am a comic book artist. You can support my work on comics and get some commissions created by me at the same time! Please visit my Patreon page and choose a subscription plan to get some free commisions of your OC or your favorite character (subscriptions...
  10. Twist_su

    Is there any blood animation or comics recommended?

    Thank you for your sharing.
  11. Lei-Lani

    An Interview with Dark Blue Comics

    I had the pleasure of speaking to renowned artist ABlueDeer for Flayrah News. You can find the article here: www.flayrah.com: An Interview with Dark Blue Comics I'd really love your feedback! <3
  12. DLewis28

    What are the best place to self publish web comics for free?

    I like to self publish my comics online, but I don't know where to start.
  13. Nuclearloop

    Nuclearloop Commissions {Open}

    For organization's sake, I will transact requests through my EMAIL ONLY. WHAT TO SEND ME IN YOUR EMAIL: Email to nukeillustration (@) Gmail.com (this is my paypal as well) Full name/Username: Email: Type of Commission you want: (Specify if you want something not listed) Detailed...
  14. H

    commission starting at 10$

    opening up for single character illustration commissions at the moment currently i'm only having about three slot open at the moment. examples of my prices can be found here - www.furaffinity.net: commission price sheet 2017 by H.G.pup If these prices are to your likeing and you wish to...
  15. Akinyi

    Girl Love Furry Comic: Ample Time

    Hi everyone I'm writing/drawing a furry webcomic which is now over 50 pages in and still going once per week. It's updated every Saturday at 3pm UK time. It centres around a socially awkward fennec fox girl who's studying psychology and loves gaming. She meets a beautiful and curvy civet who...
  16. Reanna.Weekley

    Twitch Streaming & Doing Medieval Stuff [STREAM RATED M-A]

    twitch.tv/knightofleaves Want to learn something about drawing/painting? Want to hang with a bunch of art loving weirdos? Want to just hang? Come by and get a commission, or have a good conversation. No need to participate if you're shy, just watch. Tonight finishing up a page of Knight of...
  17. MB_Thomas

    Commissions! $10-$60 *Slots open indefinitely*

    Hey there, Are you looking for commissions at a very reasonable price? In the mood for something a bit more "Cartoony"? Then you've come to the right place. I'm a freelance cartoonist who offers high-quality work at sustainably low prices. Here is a copy of my commission info: Icons...
  18. LilithNoel

    Comic Commissions (OPEN)

    Link to my Prices (NSFW) Examples:
  19. blattarieva

    Blattarieva's no-holds-barred NSFW art and comics sale!

    Boy that title's kind of a mouthful ay? By site rules, all my artwork here is cropped. Head over to my page to see the full examples! All prices in euros, payment is full front up to the 30 EU mark after which it's 50/50. I'll only refuse a commission in cases of things that are illegal in...
  20. Akinyi

    New Girl Romance Furry Comic

    I'm releasing a new comic called 'Ample Time' about two girls in a college setting. It's available for free on my patreon and Tapastic! Follow me on patreon to see it as it comes out. Ample Time Front | e Pon on Patreon Ample Time | Tapas