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  1. C

    Critique My Comic

    I create a series called "Furry World". Where group of teens are transported to a dimension after their real world was in war. In the dimension, it's full of humanoid animals. Together, they survive,have fun and fight the evil Lord : Redfoxer. This is my comic on FA www.furaffinity.net...
  2. ksilvsart

    Hiyooo New Artist looking to try to do AA at conventions!

    Hello, My name is Ksilvs and I am a professional artist. I'm hoping to sign up for some conventions so thought this would be a good place to start <3 Nice to meet you all I won't post my social media here but will in another thread where it is appropriate. Have some art. <3
  3. lylemur

    Your planet's invaded, your family prepares for war, and you're a Pacifist

    I'm pleased to share my very first Kickstarter! A little alien named Tokai must navigate and survive a planet in the throws of war as a pacifist. The link, if you can please share and comment! Thanks you kck.st: Tokai
  4. Dront12

    Webcomics:Liza and Martha Adventuers

    Hello there I want to introduce you. My comics. This comic about my character - Martha. She is a scientist in the field of biology and genetic engineering. Her lab wanted to take possession of its formula allows to grow lost limbs. Her serum he poisoned hoping that she would die. Instead, she...
  5. S

    Question about adult content

    I have been making what would be considered "Adult" comics recently. Not "Adult" as in sexual, but as in it has bloody and violent scenes. I want to know if I would get in trouble putting that on the internet due to it's "Adultiness". Would I or Would I not?
  6. Redliger

    Freelance Artist Ready For Work!! (SFW)

    Hello, I'm Redliger , I'm a freelance artist looking for work. My style focuses more on cartoons and comics. My skills include character concepts and creations, comics, and storyboarding among other things. I have a little experience doing small animations as well. Here are a few examples of...
  7. Coffee Lion

    Does anyone else read Tooth and Claw???

    Thisssssssssss This right here>>>> Started reading it some time last year. A random buy at the local comic store and I got sucked in. Sadly moved from that fantastic little store, so no new issues for a while, I think I'm on issue 8 or something like that. It's an interesting story with...
  8. Xiraxis

    Zootopia Fanfic - Looking for co-author

    I am making this topic, because I want to find volunteers, which would find entertainment in the creation of a fan story based on Zootopia universe. Especially discussion concerning the draft of the story (dominant plot/conflict), moving to the design of eventual new characters, characteristics...
  9. KarmaLarma

    Invitational Comic Tournament (Starting soon!)

    I waited a bit late to advertise here but EnterVoid is currently a day away from beginning their Invitational Tournament! If you've ever been in an OCT, Void is basically a site for improving your artwork through comic battles, where you draw comics featuring your character and the character...
  10. Coffee Lion

    Are there any other Transformers IDW folks out there?

    I'm specifically referring to the More Than Meets The Eye series, since that's the one I'm most familiar with. But open to discuss any of the other series, because I plan on collecting them all eventually. Even those super cheesy, old Transformers Marvel comics. xD They are pretty special in...
  11. AnnaArtist

    Quality art commissions and spring sale!

    I'm doing a art spring sale, don't hesitate to ask questions ! -Usually I ask for payment upfront, but you can wait until I start the sketches of the art -I often send updates of the process fo the art, sketch, line art, colors -Paypal only and I use Euro currency! -I respond 95% faster on my...
  12. Angellothefox

    Dose anyone know where I can get my paws on furry tales volume 2?

    Dose anyone know where I can get my paws on furry tales volume 2? I remeber getting it from Forbidden planet. I have never seen volume two in there?