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coming out as a furry

  1. I

    I need a little help!

    I'm here because my boyfriend of 5 years is a furry.I'm perfectly fine with it.But he is TERRIFIED to do anything like some day get a fursuit or even talk about it to some of our mutual friends.Like he is having repetitive nightmares about it that wake him up in a panic.He is aware that I am on...
  2. T3chno-wolf

    Forum Yo I could really use some helpz...

    So I've been a furry for 'bout 3 years now (I'm 15 btw) and have been dying to tell my mom. Shes always been so supportive of me and whatever I do. The problem, though, is that my brother is also a furry and my mom knows about it. He's only into the sexual side of things and he gave the furry...
  3. Gorilla

    I want to be a Gorilla Furry

    Since I was young, seeing Gorillas at the zoo has really made me want to be one. However, when I wear a Gorilla suit I can't help but feel super weird. I need help on how to properly express my Fursona. I just love how Gorillas are strong and sexy. Please help me on how I can come out to my...
  4. Zhalo

    I need advice

    Okay, so I think I have mentioned on this fourm before that I skateboard and ride BMX. Those 2 things are very big components of my life. I identify with being a skateboarder/BMX rider significantly more so than I identify as being a furry. I spend alot of time (about 16hrs/week) at a local...
  5. F

    Not "coming out", but explaining.

    Hey, I'm new. I know the issue with ''coming out'' (just read that thread), but this is a little bit different. My Mom and I were just having a conversation regarding a costume for Halloween (essentially my way of sneaking a fursuit into my life) and I told her I would look up how to make a...
  6. craftyandy

    Coming Out To My Dad As Furry

    Today is a big step for me. Hope it helps others be who they are.