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coming out

  1. quoting_mungo

    Experiences with or tips for coming out?

    Preemptively: I'm feeling pretty uncertain about posting this thread at all - please play nice or I'll ask mods to close it down for my own and others' mental health. As most people here will know, I'm polyamorous, in a triad with my husband and boyfriend. The three of us are satisfied with the...
  2. Lunneus

    About coming out/transitioning

    This is pretty long, just sayin lol, there's a tldr at the bottom. So, i've been on the fence about my gender for like.. 11 years. I've never felt quite right being female but i've never really done much about it outside of online presence. and maybe that's why i've let it go on irl for so...
  3. Okamio

    Hey there everyone.

    I'm not necessarily "new" to the fur fandom, I am however "new" to expressing my creativity on here. So, hello. I'm Okamio, also known as BPositiv3 (My overall alias) (twitch, youtube, soundcloud, etc.) My fursona would probably be a mix of a bear and wolf, due to my height and weight (working...
  4. craftyandy

    Coming Out To My Dad As Furry

    Today is a big step for me. Hope it helps others be who they are.
  5. H

    How did you "come out"?

    So there are people who can never know about me but, if a friend or someone that doesn't really matter were to ask me if I'm a furry I'd probably rather not lie or have to keep things secret - for a few reasons. So, I was wondering if anyone had any genius smart-ass replies to "are you a...
  6. P

    Waterways is why I love the Furry Fandom: A Dogpatch Article

    This is one of the most personal things I've written about how a small Furry story on the Internet changed me life. http://dogpatch.press/…/…/waterways-why-i-love-furry-fandom/
  7. T

    Hey, guys, need help with something.

    You see, I told my mum I am a furry a couple weeks ago (I'm 14, and stuff can be very delicate to talk about), and she was like "You know what furries are, right?", and I said that we were with the most basic explanation possible, that we were fans of anthro characters, and she told me that was...