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comission (hiring)

  1. P

    Hiring: I would like to hire an artist to draw me a feral/non-anthro mountain lion (puma/catamount/cougar etc) mawshot

    Hello everyone! I would like to hire an artist to draw me a mountain lion (puma) mawshot. Yeah, I am into vore :D Headshot and mawshot is enough for me, the most important part for me is the mouth of the mountain lion. Most important: - mawshot is enough - I don't need a full body drawing -...
  2. D

    Looking for someone to do commissions

    Heya. ^~^ I'm looking for someone that could draw up a new sona of mine, and possibly cub versions of another one, and the new one. Willing to discuss prices. Best way to reach me is on telegram @DaniDisaster. Message me there if ya want more details!
  3. Kaiser Wolves

    [Hiring] Looking For Fantasy Artist For Creature Design

    Good day! As the title of this post suggests, I am in need of any artist with a knack for fantasy and loves creature design to creature an in depth break down of the anatomy and behaviour of a creature from a story I am currently writing. The creature itself has already been designed, and...
  4. teaxi

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) NOVEMBER COMISSIONS: SFW/NSFW Pieces, Reference Sheet

    TAKING COMMISSION FOR NOVEMBER Prices: (Ranges from Complexity) Icons - $10-15 Halfbodies - $15-20 Fullbodies - $20-30 Couples - $30+ Reference Sheet - Starts at $25 "Can be any scene, theme and background already included! (I love background works!)" You can message me here or email me at...
  5. stinkyskunk85

    Commission Open?

    Hello All, I am looking to possibly have some art done on my sona. I am looking for a TF piece and maybe a NSFW adult piece. Any one interested? Leave me a price if interested. Thanks Stinky
  6. Bluequill

    Hiring: $5-$40 Looking to commission character art

    Hi there! UPDATE: CLOSED. Thank you for your submissions! I have an c-boy river otter character that I use a lot for rps. I'd love to get some character art for him. I'm also interested in getting a NSFW picture done of him, too. If you're interested in being hired for this commission, could...
  7. A

    Fighting Comic (Gut punching)

    I'm looking for an artist who has experienced in drawing fighting comic, especially in gut-punching and as well as having a decent range of drawing fat/obese character My price range will go from $20-$50
  8. R

    Hiring: Wanting to commission an artist for a ref sheet. $35 to $75

    Uhm….. Hi everyone! I'm looking to commission an artist for a detailed ref sheet of my wolf fursona. (my first commission ever, I don't have much experience) Please leave a comment down below or DM if interested!
  9. Misha Bordiga Zahradník

    Hiring: Personal Theme Music (60$ Max)

    Looking for a 2-4 minutes personal general theme track for my Fursona. Fairly open ended, but I do have some musical inspirations to give an idea of what I like. The big thing I don't want is 8-bit or Chiptune style music, though using electronic elements is ok. Violins are my favorite...
  10. Bluequill

    Hiring: ($25-$75) commissioning a character portrait

    EDIT: ***Update: thank you all for your wonderful submissions. This listing will be sold to one of two artists with whom I'm in contact. I appreciate you taking the time to reply and will keep you all in mind for future projects*** Hello, all, I'm establishing my profile on FA and would like...
  11. Leinad Obtrebla

    Themed Two Character Printable Poster Comission (CLOSED)

    Hi all, I´m looking for a poster-like work with printable measures for decoration. More focused on the characters and some text than background. Two canid characters with simple designs/markings The theme is going to be MGS related, involving spy gear and such, for something semi-realistic...
  12. Zenkiki

    I want to surprise someone

    So this has been on my mind for a little while and I have been trying to draw a design for mom, as she wants to get a tattoo on her back. She said that she wants either two dragons or or lions (one Male and one female) together. I can't do anything close to professional level as I have only been...
  13. dathazelnutboi

    Hiring: A wild lucario has appeared!

    and he needs a ref! I only can afford 30$ for this commission, it needs to be ether NSFW or have a NSFW version. His name is Roxane, he's a anthro lucario femboy with tan and cream colored fur. he has long hair and peek-a-boo bangs that cover over one of his two turquoise eyes. if it's not too...
  14. T

    Looking to buy a reference sheet from an experienced artist!

    As of 2/18/2019 I'm looking for an veteran artist to create my fursona onto a Reference Sheet, so I can commission future pieces. <3 I'tll be my first piece of art ever paid for a comission piece, so I don't mind paying top dollar for an extremely detailed (art-wise) Ref. Sheet, for my main sona...
  15. EKTOR21

    (Commission) Selling: COMMISSIONS OPEN!

    If you interested on a commission, send me an email: cdfvictor7[at]gmail.com
  16. Misha Bordiga Zahradník

    Hiring: Ref Sheet

    I've long needed to commission a Ref sheet for my Fursona; Misha. I can go as high as 80$ My profile image was created based on their description, and can be used for some inspiration. Age: 24 Sex: Cis Male Species: Kermode (Spirit) Bear Height: 6’4” (Short for his species though. Weight: 170...
  17. zombiepowder

    Hiring: NSFW Pokemon x Trainer ($100-160)

    Hello, I'm looking for an artist who can draw my OC trainer getting it on with a few Pokemon. I say "a few" because, if the artist is willing, I'd love for this to be more than just a one-time thing. I'd be very happy if these commissions could become semi-regular for me. I'd also love to hire...
  18. ab-9595

    (CLOSED) LF artist to draw Pokephilia

    Hello. I'm looking for an artist to draw me some pokephilia(human on Pokemon). The featured Pokemon is a male Unfezant. The Unfezant would be the main focus of the image, and it would also need to be feral as that is what I prefer. My budget is anywhere from $60-$90. I'd appreciate WIP's...
  19. CapralCapers

    Looking for a Headshot, $20 Budget

    Wanting to see any artist that will draw my sona with a cute collar! $20 for max budget, show me what you got! I will post here who I am interested in and PM that same person.
  20. Me1st

    Looking for getting my first ref sheet

    Hello, never gotten art before and looking into starting that by getting a ref sheet of a male artic fox sona I have. I don't really have anything in terms of any existing ref material. I'm will to spend anywhere around $50 US, and don't have much in way of a desired time frame. If you're...