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  1. HarpyFeather

    (Commission) Selling: ($35+) Personal Fanfiction and Writing! No Length Cap! Kink Positive!

    Thank you for clicking on my advertisement! Below is any information you’ll need to commission me! Here is my portfolio: https://archiveofourown.org/users/HarpyFeather About Me My name is Feather, and I am a writer at heart working on my own book series, between writing myself, and...
  2. HarpyFeather

    Anything you want written! NSFW, Biography of an OC/Fursona [8+ Years of Experiance]

    Hello! My name is Feather and I am a freelance writer looking to write fiction for people who don’t have their specific fantasies met! I am best at fiction, specifically romantic and NSFW fiction about specialized kinks, and simple romantic stories that make everyone in their realm of desires...
  3. Charsh

    Line art!

    Hi guys I hope you are in good health <3 I tell you, I am with open commissions and focusing mainly on the line. If you are interested in a commission of this type, you can write to my email. As it is just linear work, it will take a maximum of 3 days after client approval c: I leave the...
  4. DeisoriBug

    (selling) Icon commissions-limited slots available

    Hello, I'm Deisori and here I have 6 slots open for Icons! These are through PayPal Icons are only $6 flatcolor, $7 with shading, and $9 with a added background(shading included with BG), price may slightly rise for overly complex characters. Turnaround time usually takes 1-3 days depending on...
  5. Charsh

    Hello, I want to start commissions and I am interested in knowing how much you would pay for my art

    Hello guys, nice to meet you. This is the first time I have posted on the forum, I am somewhat nervous. I introduce myself, I am a student from Chile, I have known the furaffinity platform for a year and a half. I have started to generate pieces based on original characters that I asked for FA...
  6. kitterlings

    (Commission) Selling: (OPEN) Kitterlings' Cute Commissions ($10-$50)

    Instagram | Twitter Discord: Syraph#6233 Price is based on the complexity of the character. Commission will be drawn with my sketchy/rough brush unless you request otherwise. You're free to add me and send me a message on Discord! And don't be afraid to ask anything! Headshot: $10-$15...
  7. wskiey

    VRChat/Vtuber and streaming avatar commisions ($150+)

    Hi! We recently mastered making 3D avatars (3D chat and vtuber) and made some human models for myself -- art streams and vtubering (outfit, textures and hairstyle painted by me) and muzzle example of kemono (not my outfit). You can ask me for commission. Commission can have payment plan...
  8. Acasytous

    Discord Server for Artists.

    We have created a growing Discord Server dedicated to artists, be it visual artists, sculptors, musicians, programmers and whatever other creative vein you have in you! We created a place in which you can network with other users and potential clients for commissions. And also a place in which...
  9. Fruitythebeetle

    character artwork commissions ($15-$60)

    the offer deadline is indefinite until further notice.
  10. Armomen

    (Commission) Selling: NSFW&SFW Semi-Realistic Comissions open! (Dragons, Scalies,etc) 20-200+$

    Contact me on furaffinity or Telegram if you're interested! Comission TOS Comissions price list Please read my Terms of Service before comissioning me! Digital, one character, no shading, no background (style like this NSFW www.furaffinity.net: C:: Lime Green by Armomen ) for $35...
  11. Amirrah

    Free Art Commission [Trading for "Likes]

    Hey all you wonderful furries! My 17 yo daughter, and fellow furry artist, has opened up five free commission slots for full body, full color art requests. She also has five headshot slots open. In exchange, she is asking for your support and your votes. She is currently in 2nd place in an...
  12. A

    new artist

    Hi folks, I'm a new artist who is trying to post more regularly and make some friends. If you guys have any tips I'm all ears I'm open to commissions and really want to start filling up my page with new work so hit me up.
  13. Saurex

    Cover me!

    Hello! So, like many fools, I've written a book. That book needs a cover. I, however, am a mediocre artist at best (my strong suit seems to be stick people). So, I'm looking for someone who can actually create a cover for a book. Before anyone asks, yes I can pay and this is a legitimate...
  14. Bunnylace

    Commissions by Art Wumpus. 20$ Average price

    Trying to scrounge up the weeks commissions, I specialize in fantasy/monstrous characters, but am happy to do any species, 20$ +10 per character, 5$ for backgrounds or very complex designs. Accepting all poses and most content. To see more of my NSFW Content, check out my twitter or...
  15. Jaderall

    (Commission) Selling: JADERRAL'S COMMISSIONS [$5-$35]

    please see my commissions journal on deviantART at this link! There you will see prices and examples. Please also contact me there if possible as I will be more active than here!
  16. S

    (Commission) Selling: NO LIMIT ARTIST, 20USD for EVERYTHING

    As the title suggests, I have no limits. If you have some crazy fetish you want to be brought to life I'm your girl! I'll draw anything, it doesn't have to be NSF, it can be SFW as well. Just message me and we can work something out ^-^ I'm still kind of new but I hope to be posting a lot more...
  17. KPear

    (Commission) Selling: PEAR ART :D [$20 - $100] Anthro | Human | D&D Characters :D

    Hey there. My name is pear and i'm doin C-O-M-I-S-S-I-O-N-S :D:D. You're more than welcome to send me a message. :O Doubts? send a message inbox or at telegram @Peark
  18. Fleiiha

    (Commission) Selling: •Nina's emporium of drawings•

    Hello everyone! I'm Nina. I came here to offer my comission prices. BUT FIRST, a few rules: -Pay first, so I can be sure you'll not be cheating on me. I'll only start the drawing once the full payment is on my account. -Please send detailed references. -Payment metod: currently, Paypal. -If...
  19. Animela

    (Commission) Selling: Animation, Cute Pixels & Chibis - $10-$20

    Prices are below Examples. First Price(bold) is Base, if it can have Animation Added to it the Animation Price is the Total after animation is added. No hidden fees. Lick Icons count extra animation as anything that isn't inital Lick aka extra actions or animated backgrounds. Giftboxes: $10...
  20. rinqee

    Comissions OPEN!

    Hey guys! I'm just starting to look for popularity on FA. My goal is to save money for renting an apartment in order to live in it with my girlfriend. Now that you know all the details, here are the prices: Headshot 20 usd Halfbody 30 usd Fullbody 40 usd +1 char - + 50% of the amount...