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  1. Askaram

    Sketch Commissions OPEN (25€)

    Hello fellow furs! I'm currently open for 10 Sketch Commissions, each for 25€! What you'll get: -Full body colored picture (SFW or NSFW) -Simple BG (+10€ if you want a more complex one!) -Simple shading -+One prop extra! (complex props like vehicles, guns etc cost 5€ extra) -Each character...
  2. jaidenfmd

    Character commissions! ($5 / $6 / $7)

    -Only 6 slots! -You can choice the style you want! -I just need a reference and a palette color! If you want, just send me a message!
  3. rseqrtz

    Kofi Sketches!

    Hello! I'm in need of some money, so I'm offering up sketches for a small fee to take care of some of that! If you buy me a kofi and let me know what you'd like (with references) I would be happy to sketch for you! The price is on a per-character basis! Headshot- 2 kofis gets you the sketch...
  4. G

    Anyone taking story comissions

    just wanna know if anyone is taking commissions at the momment ??
  5. E

    Furry artists that take more work that they can handle.

    I was wondering how someone gets into this situation. I've been reading a few journals on which I'll reserve who's they're. Espesificaly, I see an issue, someone comissions the artist, they pay for a piece and they can take over a year to complete such request while working on other things. I...
  6. Husky_FOG

    Commissions OPEN!

    Hello guys! Im opening my comissions right now! I do SFW, NSFW, pinups, portraits, animations, stickers, badgets and more! Sent me a DM if you are interested! Some of my art: Prices: Nsfw 50$ each character (NSFW includes: 18+ fetishes: paws, bdsm, violent, rape, roleplay, size...
  7. Gerooart

    Emergency comissions!!

    hello! im open emergency comissions! i do chibis and normal style also human/furry/pony too if you want nsfw pm me for examples! chibis for 12$ half basic color 5.50$ fullbody basic color 8.50$ Headshot full color 5.50$ half full color 11.50$ weist 15.50$ fullbody 21$ REFERENCE SHEET...
  8. LegendaryWhisper

    $5 3D Model or Artwork comissions (10 slots available)

    Hello everyone My name is Whispering Winds and I'm here to do some comissions for you guys. If you need me to do either a model for you or artwork I will be more than happy to do that. 3D samples: https://legendarywhisper.deviantart.com/art/Welcome-to-the-Forge-736223108...
  9. E

    Quality comissions from $10 to $50

    Greetings! I'm willing to draw almost anything for the given prices. I offer quality, flexibility, speed and a good service. If interested check out my current prices list. User name: El-gallo FA: Userpage of El-Gallo -- Fur Affinity [dot] net This is how I work: The comissions are made in a...
  10. Livia

    Livia's Writing Commissions!

    Good morning! I'm Livia, a twenty-three year old cancer patient and writer, and I thought I'd try offering a few writing commissions over here! The rules and form are below, so please have a look if you're interested! If you want a few examples of my work, please feel free to check out my...
  11. Cobalt333

    Creating the best Furry/Anthro Literature

    Hello Fluffs, I have created this site for all of us furries to be expressive and creative in terms of anthro and furry literature as one big community, currently it features my content, feel free to browse and comment - https://cobaltpublications.wordpress.com/ This site will feature your...
  12. EngelArt

    Engel's Commissions Open! From $20 USD!

    Hi everybody! Mi name is Engel a versatile artist that love furry! Now I come to offer you my professional illustrator services! Send your request through private message to my FA account! EngelArt in FurryAffinity Check this out! Payment method: Paypal HALF BODY (B/W) $20.00 USD FULL...
  13. Ninapaw

    Hybrids Adopts and Comission Open!

    Hello! First time opening Comissions! so note me if interested Also got new adopts! Hybrids wolf griffin monsters :3 ;):p:D:p:D
  14. kumacha

    New Artist

    Hello everyone, you can call me Kuma! I'm pretty new to the fur community and would like to connect with the community more. I will be opening some free commissions. Prefer no gore or nsfw. Probably do nsfw in the future. I've only posted one picture so far...but I hope to post more and...
  15. Ninapaw

    Hi! I'm new and this is My art!

    Just started in this lovely site a week ago. Hope I can find new friends and followers too! I'm open for comissions too! Check my stuff :D I will post regularly at least 1 time per week. Userpage of ninapaw -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  16. E

    Comissions open, cheap and nice drawings.

    Open to comissions! some promotions for new year and all. I'm selling pieces for a decent price, check them out! www.furaffinity.net: Landvik by El-Gallo detailed inking $8 www.furaffinity.net: Styralkazaruk x Solaria comish by El-Gallo Character pair, no background $10 (nsfw feral)...
  17. Pinsley

    Badges, YCH, Custom artworks.

    Badges: Badge comissions like ones you see or similiar. The pic above is just an exampel of how they may look. If you want me to make one you should briefly tell me what your furr likes and describe it's personality so I can tell what to put in the composition around it. The price varies based...
  18. E

    $10 comissions + $3 every character!

    I got a comission update, I'll be making 1 character for $10, 2 characters on the same picture for $13 and 3 for $16. Refs. www.furaffinity.net: Jackal by El-Gallo www.furaffinity.net: Jackal 2 comish by El-Gallo www.furaffinity.net: Layla la fenix by El-Gallo Please, do send me a note on FA...
  19. dollon

    3D Character Comissions

    Hey everybody, im open again with 5 slots for 3D character Comissions. My comissions start at 60$+ (it can be more on more complex characters). Extras: Wings $10 - $25 (depending on size and complexity) Horns $5 - $15 (depending on size, complexity. Per horn) Complicated patterns $10 - $50...
  20. furryfilth

    I'll do you a free doodle

    Dogs/cats/simple animals only please, I'm trying to get some more experience drawing different characters but I would like to be able to do them as a favor to you. I will most likely not color all of them, but I might. I only plan on doing a few so first come first serve! You can find some of my...