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  1. Zieli

    Ziel Omizu's Art Commissions [OPEN]

    Hey all! Just dropping in to let you know that my commissions are OPEN! My info can be found below: SFW: TOS / Prices + Examples | NSFW: TOS / Examples / Prices If you have any questions, please leave a comment and I'll do my best to answer them!
  2. Niku chan ~

    Comissions are open!

    Finally I'm on vacation and can take on some more comishes, I'll take 10 slots at the time (this means when one slot gets finished I'll take another one!) I can do both Furry and human, or any other humanoid species. Female or male, it really doesn't matter nwn Ferals are also OK for most...
  3. Vin4ART


    So um, it’s been awhile. Um, who wants $25 lewd sketches tonight?
  4. orum

    Need 4 more comission slots. Halfbody SALE.

    Hello guys! Im Orum and im open for comissions. Looking for 4 more orders. Contact me through FA notes or e-mail orum-the-cat@yandex.ru ★⋰⋱★⋰⋱★⋰⋱⋰⋱★⋰⋱★⋰⋱★ I draw comissions not very fast! I need to make some breaks, sometimes to draw for myself. Also it is a queue already (you can always...
  5. AlphaSheWolf

    $15 Headshot Badges-Ready to be printed, laminated and worn! Discounts available!

    Hi guys, want a badge of your character? Examples: www.furaffinity.net: Headshot Badge Commissions OPEN by AlphaSheWolf www.furaffinity.net: Headshot Badge Commissions OPEN by AlphaSheWolf Semi realistic headshot Flat(ish) colour Any species Any Gender PayPal only £10.50 GBP or $15 USD...
  6. Sightless-Bird

    Looking For Art

    So I want art of this character of mine. I want her to look mature instead of a loli because she's suppose to be an attractive woman with an attractive body, big boobs and is pretty tall (5'9") So show me your styles. I got 40 to spend! You get bonus points if you can draw a giant cross she has...
  7. gokusan

    Commissions Open

    I also do reference sheets and character designs as well. Base price for reference sheets start at $30 USD. Basic reference sheets come with a body and bust image. Add $2.50 USD per accessory image and $5 USD per extra body and bust shots. Character revamp base price starts at $30 USD. They...
  8. Celesaphii

    April Art Special!

    Sooooooo I recently got Amiibo Festival (early bday gift) And I fell in love and now I want all the amiibos and cards. I have been debating on having a commission special for my birthday month (It's the 16th) so this works out perfect. I am offering Halfbody flats for Animal crossing amiibos...
  9. RosetheCrux

    Looking for partial Fursuit Comissions

    Hey I'm looking for anyone that has open partial fursuit commissions. It'd be nice to see separate pricing for the head, handpaws, feetpaws and tail. My fursona is a Crux and I was hoping for a suit made similarly to this
  10. Ninitard

    ✿Updated comissions (From $1 to $20)✿

    ✿Hi hiii~ ✿I just wanted to update the prices of my comissions...Again.Untill June 13th the prices are down! ✿ I make furries and non-furries. ✿I usually make them in the afternoon and finish them on that same day,sometimes the next morning. NOTE: ALWAYS ADD $2-$5 extra. (Paypal fee's ,the...
  11. Dipnoi

    YCH $15 - Tending the Flock (SFW)

    www.furaffinity.net: YCH $15 - Tending the Flock by Dipnoi Less than 24 hours left!!
  12. Ninitard

    Doing comissions~

    ✿ Hi hi~ ✿ I'm currently accepting comissions~ ✿ Here are the prices.✿ ✿ Headshot : $10 ✿ Full body: $20 ✿ Sketch:$10 ✿ Linework:$15 ✿ Cloured: $20 ✿ Shading + Light : $25 ✿ With background: $20 ✿ Without:$5 ✿ Rendered:$15 ✿ Sizes from 500x500-800x800 : $10 ✿ Sizes from 800x800 -...
  13. TokageTheBunny

    Digital commissions starting at only 6$

    Hi everyone! I have digital commissions open and i can offer pretty uch everything you need! These are my prices and options, but if you would like something that it's not listed here feel free to ask, we can easily arrange something! Apart from icons all the prices are referred to fullbodies...
  14. Hunachima

    Furry and Human comissions: OPEN

    <- My prices! I accept NSFW comissions too ^^ I can also draw MLP-esque characters uvu Feel free to note me on either of my accounts: NaughtiF0X or HunaChima @FA. Not on the forums please because I am not very active on them! <3 I only accept paypal <: