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  1. Sn1ck

    Doing short story comms. 7.50 per 1k words while I build up a portfolio~ (NSFW/SFW)

    Hey hey! I'm starting to do writing comms you can see some of my old solo work on my FA by the same name but ehhh its not the greatest if you want a link to newer stuff ill post one at the end of this. I'm looking to do some short stories again since the school year is coming to a close and the...
  2. CrystalAw

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) Open Comissions!, Your crystal friend is here to please you

    I'm crystal a digital artist offering my illustration services for SFW and NSFW content and I'm here to announce that I'm open to commissions! to make any idea you have come true with my best disposition and 200% of my effort. Take your time to check my prices and the illustrations I have...
  3. V

    Art Trade: Help me practice! Art trade // 2 slots open (2/4)

    Hello! I'm Vanily and i'm new into the furry community but been drawing furry characters for years and would like to practice drawing more species and cute sonas since cute stuff is the best i can draw so, if you are interested contact me! (SFW only, for now!) I'll leave here an example of how...
  4. X

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) Comission sale 18$ +

    Hello.Commission sale! Half body\full color\background will cost 18 $ Full body\full color\background will cost 25$ Can be human\ anthro\furry\sonic\pony\fat furry NSFW\fetish allowed Paypal only
  5. Lucha

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) ♡♡♡ NSFW/SFW FANART/OC $15+ (3 november slots)

    tis the season!! i need some money for gifts so i'm opening 3 slots. I offer sketches for smaller donations, any is tips are appreciated, thank you! I draw OCs and fanart, have most experience drawing anthros, humans, MLP and TMNT, but im always interested in trying new things. Check out my...
  6. ArcannaRyu

    (Commission) Selling: I'll Design Your Fursona! $20-$60

    Whether you've been having trouble coming up with your own fursonas, or you need an old one updated, I'm available to walk you through the process to make you your own unique fursona fully customized to yourself and your needs. Especially helpful if you've been having some trouble creatively, I...
  7. SHuuN-Arts

    (Commission) Selling: 25$ Fullbody and 10$ headshot

    www.furaffinity.net: fast 10$ headshot by SHuuN-Arts www.furaffinity.net: 25$ fullbody comission by SHuuN-Arts im terribly sorry for not knowing how to put images doing fullbody for 25$/char and headshots for 10$ can do Human/humanoids/anthro furry gore/sfw/semi-nsfw shipping multiple chars...
  8. moonperson35

    (Commission) Selling: Open Kemono Style Comissions Starting at $20!

    Welcome! Thank you for stopping by. Please read all my post for more information. I draw furries and humanoids! Kemono Style halfbodies starting at $20, shaded and with simple background. Additional character is +$15. Full bodies $35. Can be NSFW (extra +$10 will ask for ID). You can...
  9. WolfberryCrafts

    (Commission) Selling: ✨ Custom Figurines and Sculptures ✨ (60$ - 110$+) 5 open slots NSFW/SFW

    Welcome to my theme! I am a sculptor and one of the founders of furry shop WolfberryCrafts. I make figures and sculptures of any furry characters. Payments are accepted through the PayPal payment system and cards All created by hands Website: https://www.wolfberrycrafts.com NSFW ・SFW ・ Furry...
  10. Jessica Montana

    Shaded Coms starting at $15

    Open for a few commission spots. I work best with Felines/K9s/Avians/Rodents BUT I will try my hand at anything once. You don't have to read over everything in my ToS/Hours/ect info but please at least give it a quick skim. It has the ToS its self, the rewards program i offer, what I will not...
  11. Armomen

    (Commission) Selling: NSFW&SFW Semi-Realistic Comissions open! (Dragons, Scalies,etc) 20-200+$

    Contact me on furaffinity or Telegram if you're interested! Comission TOS Comissions price list Please read my Terms of Service before comissioning me! Digital, one character, no shading, no background (style like this NSFW www.furaffinity.net: C:: Lime Green by Armomen ) for $35...
  12. narutogod123

    (Commission) Selling: Commissions Open! (10$ - 60$) Backgrounds, Characters and more~

    Hello, I offer digital painting of backgrounds and characters I hope you like what I am offering! NSFW ALLOWED! My Current NSFW Auctions : YCH- Doggy Style (Ending October 21, 2020 7:30 PM- Eastern Time) YCH - Afternoon Knotting (Ending October 28th ,2020 7:30 pm - Eastern time) 40$ for...
  13. Amadera

    (Commission) Selling: [open] $15-$100 for bust|half|full SFW|NSFW

    Hi guys, my name is Mary and i need feed my cat : D My comissions open alltime and if you want portrait or fullbody, you can write me ♡ I draw almost everything - anime, furry, pony, erotics and couples :3 (but i dont draw porn) And I also know how to do cool effects in the After Effects xD...
  14. S

    (Commission) Selling: NO LIMIT ARTIST, 20USD for EVERYTHING

    As the title suggests, I have no limits. If you have some crazy fetish you want to be brought to life I'm your girl! I'll draw anything, it doesn't have to be NSF, it can be SFW as well. Just message me and we can work something out ^-^ I'm still kind of new but I hope to be posting a lot more...
  15. RJG

    (Commission) Selling: RJ's Arts

    ALL PRICES YOU SEE HERE ARE NOW HALF OFF!!! COINS=USD I Will be posting all my newer stuff in the comments! DM me if ya'd like, I'm open to draw anything (NSFW included)
  16. jaidenfmd

    Character commissions! ($5 / $6 / $7)

    -Only 6 slots! -You can choice the style you want! -I just need a reference and a palette color! If you want, just send me a message!
  17. Mae

    $5 Bust Shots!!~

    Hi there!! uwu BRAND new to the furaffinity community, and am looking to do some bust shots for some lovely individuals!~ Example of a unicorn-goat hybrid is as shown below- expect to receive a similar base! I can do any gender and species! Accepting payment via PayPal Give me a holler if...
  18. Irhileth

    Cheap Commissions Open!

    I’m willing to draw Humans/Humanoids Furry Fan Art Nudity NSFW I won’t draw Extreme fetish/Body types Incest Underage characters in a sexual manner SKETCH Bust Shot - $5 Waist/Half Body - $7 Full Body $12 Additional character $4 Examples: SKETCH - DIGITAL COLOR Bust Shot - $9...
  19. Nozabii


    If you are interested, please PM me here on: FurAffinity: Userpage of Nozabii -- Fur Affinity [dot] net DeviantArt: Nozabii on DeviantArt E-Mail: nozabiiart@gmail.com I currently have 3 slots open. I would have more open, but I keep the slot pool small, that way I can get the commissioned piece...
  20. Dark_knight_hawk

    [Commission Open YCH] The arrival of Mr. Knight

    GREETINGS! Just a little disclaimer; I can only do the transaction through PayPal at the moment. I can do NSFW and SFW. As for the purchases, I'll ask payment after the sketch. :) Just because I want to make sure you are satisfied with the product before proceeding with the line art. I can...