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  1. Queerstalline-Void

    (Commission) Selling: Commissions OPEN

    ★ Hello and Thank You for your interest in my artwork! ★ For the rest of December, I am opening PREORDERS for my upcoming commissions! You can place an order for and pay for a commission ahead of time, to be the first pieces I do when I officially open commission in JANUARY! Orders placed at...
  2. Sinilga

    (Commission) Selling: COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN! | $40-$90

    Hello everyone, I'm Sinilga (≧▽≦) I am a digital furry and people artist. At the moment, I have opened the commissions. There are two slots available now. More of my works can be viewed on my page on FА: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/sinilga/ COMMISSION INFO: ● I try to finish the work as...
  3. JuliyMiuliy

    (Commission) Selling: Headshot comms $18 (1slot $16)

    Hello guys My comms in new art style open now, I want to draw headshots, but you can commission me a half or fullbody too Headshots: 1 slot $16 2 slot $18 3 slot $18 Half: 1 slot $30 Fullbody 1 slot $40 Payment via PayPal after sketch (invoice) Me on FA: Userpage of Juliy_Miuliy -- Fur...
  4. XseArt

    (Commission) Selling: Reference sheet commissions NSFW/SFW 40-150$

    Prices: *Feral single pose reference sheet: 40$ Small reference sheet: includes one pose, 2 headshots - 55$, NSFW version + 10$ Medium : includes two poses, 3 character expressions (headshots) - 80$; NSFW version +10$ Large: 3 poses, 3 character expressions, various close ups. Third pose can...
  5. Spalshpaws

    (Commission) Selling: Slightly desperate Character art and Design commissions! Between ( 15$ / 70$ CAD )

    Hi! I'm Splashpaws and I've been having horrible luck with job hunting and i'm super desperate to make a little bit of money off of some art commissions. If you can't afford to buy any of them its okay ! but if there's anyway to get the word out for commissions it would be much appreciated...
  6. Spicy Cheeto

    (Commission) Selling: Spicy-Cheeto Commissions $5-$45

    I had to make a new thread because my last thread is literally broken (no images will show up) XD. I want my commissioners to actually see their work (especially the animated gifs) side by side. Anyway, I’ll list my prices once again. I draw both SFW and NSFW art. I will draw just about...
  7. thesilvermist

    Halloween Themed, and Regular Icons start at $9

    I love Halloween so want to offer those, only have 2 examples (will update with more as I make them) so far but happy to do more and various themes-just let me know what you'd like, ghost, dullahan, mummy, gore, bloody zombies, voodoo, etc. Also happy yo do regular (non Halloween) icon...
  8. PixelAnnex

    Commissions Open [$15 - $100+]

    Hi! I'm opening August/September commission slots! Commissions are my primary source of income, so they always take priority and turnaround times are between 1 week - 4 weeks (depending on the queue size). I draw humans, furries, ferals (sfw only), NSFW, some fetishes, etc. More info can be...
  9. Mentita-cato

    Fullshaded Headshots! $15

    Hi! i'm makin fullshaded headshots for only $15! -I can do any species! Human, furry, pony.... -Payment firts! -Paypal only! -Time: 1-4 days! EXMAPLES
  10. Atraxa_

    Icons [$25] and Busts [$35], two styles available!

    Thanks so much for looking! <3 Turnaround time: Less than a week Contact : -> Userpage of Atraxa -- Fur Affinity [dot] net -> Kastraz on DeviantArt -> Discord: Kastraz#9451 - NSFW is okay - Mech is okay - Visual reference required Style #1 Style #2
  11. dragoncat-senpai

    Digital Commissions 2018 by Dragoncat-Senpai

    Dragoncat-senpai@deviantart, tumblr, and furaffinity Hey Ny'all! I'm delighted to finally debut my new commission setup! I have plans to expand to traditional and pixel art soon, but for now I'm offering eight types of digital commission! I also have new, easy to use forms for ordering! I hope...
  12. K

    Sketch headshot commissions

    Hello! c: Open three slots of headshot sketch commissions. Any species. Examples www.furaffinity.net: Sketch gift by KaisarReitz www.furaffinity.net: Hecate by KaisarReitz www.furaffinity.net: Aya commission by KaisarReitz 13$ for PayPal (without fee) Just send me a note or comment...
  13. B

    New Idea! The likes of which have never before been seen on this, or any other, Earth.

    So, I have an idea. I have a couple of stories already written. And what I'm offering is, essentially, a YCH with writing, as opposed to art. I'd only be charging $4, and it'd be the first thing of this kind. Swing on over to my account on FA main, and send me a note if you're interested.