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  1. Fabius Cervus

    Main Site Finding your own comments

    Hey there, I was wondering if there is any option to find your own comments on the main page of FurAffinity. I couldn't find it in the settings. I couldn't find a thread to this topic, so sorry if the thread already exists. It'd be cool if you could find all your comments for some submissions...
  2. Ebbakatten

    Disable and remove comments completely

    Just as title says... It strikes me as weird to have an option to disable comments for 24 hours but not permanently? This seems like an easy fix and I'm sure I'm not the first to suggest this. It's just that FA is my main goto site for furry stuff, but it's sad to see it so painfully outdated...
  3. P

    Main Site What happens to your comments when you delete your account?

    This includes comments made on artwork, journals, and other people's pages. I haven't found any posts on this that are recent so thought I'd ask again. Do they get removed from the site entirely, stay on the site but have the username show as something like "[deleted account]", still show as...