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  1. Michel96M

    (Base/YCH) Selling: YCH Natural [SB 10 $] CLOSE

    Bid here: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/38715776/ SB: 10 $ MI: 1 $ AB: 100 $ Customizable clothing + 5 $ The auction ends 24 hours after the last bid full rendered (lineless) Payment: 50% now and 50% after the color sketch -Any gender -Anthro -Any species -Any hairstyle, features -You...
  2. Dakinu

    Hiring: [CLOSED] $50-$100 - "Wider" Character Design Commission

    I'd like to set up a commission with someone who has experience with drawing 'bigger' dudes. Not necessarily fat or musclebound, but more meat on the bones than most of the examples on here. At any rate, if anyone is willing to work with me on designing a new character's appearance (and is ok...
  3. P

    (Commission) Selling: Your Character Illustration starting 10USD

    10$ for a clean sketch 20$ for a full painting If you'd like more than 1 character or a background, Im sure we'll find a reasonable price
  4. O

    Hiring: NSFW 3D ARTIST FOR SFM OR BLENDER MODEL (100-300 USD Budget)

    I am in need of an modeler/3D Artist who is open to creating a fully rigged 3D Model of an OC I have. Requirements for model: - Need 3D model with textures packed. - IK Rig - Needed to be done ASAP. (Around 2-3 weeks) If the listed price seems unreasonable for the work at hand I am willing to...
  5. Salisha

    Just starting out as a writer, would love advice and examples on how to best succeed.

    Hi, I've been writing and roleplaying for almost a decade now, and I'd like to put what I've learned into practice writing story commissions relating to shared world I've helped build and develop with others, one that allows for a variety of kinks and themes that I enjoy writing and expanding...
  6. Z

    New to being a furry, looking for someone who can help draw my fursona.

    Hello everyone! My Name is Zach and im reletivly new to all of this. I cant draw even a little bit and was hoping to commision someone to draw my first fursona! For details feel free to friend me on discord Zinc142#7075 But basics are this, im a Red Panda, short and young looking, blonde hair...
  7. Blacky-Moon

    (Commission) Selling: Full colored commissions [66$]

    I'm gladly take a few slots! Note me if you're interested. My FA is Blacky-moon
  8. BillyHeart

    (Commission) Selling: BillyHeart`s commision [OPEN] 30$-40$

    I will draw your OC, furries, characters from different fandoms, real people… (just give me some references and I’ll draw it) Don`t: Macro/micro, hyper sizes, vomit, gore, underage characters in sex scenes, diapers, coprophilia, and similar extreme fetishes. If you are interested in a fetish...
  9. VladTheLad

    (Commission) Selling: 3D Commissions are *OPEN* [ U$60 - U$ 120 ]

    Hello! I'm Vlad, 3D Artist currently opening 10 Slots for commissions *w* Contact: Twitter | Discord: #VladLad6709 | This post :3 Other Links: FurAffinity Twitter Instagram DeviantArt Art Examples:
  10. marwmellow

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Hot Springs (NSFW) [AUCTION] SB = 40$

    Would you like to see your OC (or canon anime/game character) wet? I want to create series of arts on "In Shower/Hot Springs" theme. Some arts from this series: Senna with Vi by Marwmellow on DeviantArt Nami in shower by Marwmellow on DeviantArt You can choose any pose you like. I'll...
  11. Yosya

    (Commission) Selling: Sketches for 10$!!!

    Hey!!! I want to take some slots on sketch heads for 10$ - 20$ Examples (10$): - www.furaffinity.net: Despises you by Yosya - www.furaffinity.net: Don't tell my mom about it.... by Yosya - www.furaffinity.net: Guys, I`m cry by Yosya Examples (20$): - www.furaffinity.net: Sweet cow by Yosya -...
  12. I

    (Commission) Selling: Your Any Fantasy <3 $15-$70

    Your Any Fantasy <3 Read the description, please! Hello, my friend! Thank you for coming! Hope you have a nice day ^___^ It's a scetch, the result will look better <3 $10-$15 - Colored scetch $15-$25 - Simple shades, clean line $25-$35 - Colored, shaded, background $50 - NSFW version +$5 -...
  13. OverFurry

    Hiring: Custom/Character Design to Description | Artist found

    Edit: Hi there all, I currently have a couple of artists already chosen out and they are each making a version of the character described, I will be moving forward with whichever is closer to my preference. If by some fluke neither is to my liking then I may come back here and try out another...
  14. Aoihira

    (Base/YCH) Selling: SFW/NSFW commissions (20$-65$)

    You can buy a slot and contact me here: www.furaffinity.net: OPEN 5 SLOTS COMMISSION by Fahira Lineart + base color 20$ - any character 15$ - each additional character Lineart + base color + flat shading 30$ - any character 25$ - each additional character I can draw for you: - any gender...
  15. R

    30$ badges

    This includes lamination cost and shipping Message me for examples because I don't know how to add them here
  16. plachuu

    COMMISSIONS OPEN (emergency)

    Hello everyone, I'm Plachuu and I need some help. I have a very bad life situation and you will help me a lot by taking a commission from me or posting about it on your page. My FA: Userpage of plachuu -- Fur Affinity [dot] net My TOS and PRICE Commission Info for plachuu -- Fur Affinity...
  17. DuskGecko

    (Commission) Selling: [NSFW friendly]Dusk's Variety Workshop $5-$70

    Hello! Welcome to my workshop! Rules By commissioning me you agree that I can post your piece(excluding customs or ref sheets) as an example to both my Deviantart and Discord server as well as any online shops I may open. I draw almost anything, though I am more proficient with feral and...
  18. Nahawk

    Hiring: LF Fullbody/Halfbody, max. 40$ Budget (SFW but!)

    Hello. I am looking for a piece of one of my characters, either feline or lagomorph, depending what the artist prefers drawing. Specifically, I want him/her drawn in a cellar, chained and all. Not sure if it counts as bondage or not, I want nothing nsfw. Examples of that kind would be...
  19. megami83

    (Commission) Selling: Lit commissions open $25-50

    Hi folks, I am a freelance writer with over 14 years' experience bringing other peoples' characters and scenarios to life. I am available for commissions, $10 per 1,000 words. I also edit and revise existing works. Examples of my recent previous work can be found on the second link. Please no...
  20. Teal_Avokado

    INKTOBER commissions, 30$ per art!

    Hello there! I open the inktober commissions! You can see my ink works and the inktober’s arts from last year here –Artwork Gallery for Teal_Avokado -- Fur Affinity [dot] net For this year I combined two theme lists, official and personal. ❖ How it works – you can choose any day that you...