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  1. Puuki.milk


    Hey guys i would love to know some opinions on my latest art piece :) I rly like it what about you?
  2. Grimm Hund

    (Commission) Selling: Bored Author Needs Work ($5-$100)

    Hello! I'm selling written works. Furry, Fantasy, Fiction, Canon Characters, etc I have a standard rate of $0.01 per word with a 500-word minimum. Come see my journal on FA! There are examples there of my work there. www.furaffinity.net: Creative Wolf Needs Work -- GrimmHund's Journal
  3. Sirce

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Derp Serg (and any furry) Icons! -Combo 2 for 15$-

    Hello! I've re-opened for commissions! Get your character an adorable and funny version, perfect for telegram icons! ~~~Terms~~ -I can work with any species -I can see NSFW refs, however any NSFW icon will cost more -Every two icons you get the combo (for example, you purchase 4, you pay 30$...
  4. DrPepperAddict

    (Commission) Selling: i fucked this up the first time - $5 to $30 - always open

    [tell me in the request if you want your stuff DMed to you or posted publicly] What will you draw? Humans MLP Dragons Furries SOME mechanical objects nsfw - will DM, no option. What won't you draw? rape/non-con pedophilia diaper/inflation/vore fetishes [mostly for skill reasons] birds...
  5. antama

    (Commission) Selling: Headshot 20$

    Hello there! I'm doing headshots commissions, if you want more examples here is my gallery : Userpage of antama -- Fur Affinity [dot] net ; for now I'm working with this style , Any question sends a message
  6. Teal_Avokado

    Inky Wind - 17 usd - 2 slots open!

    Hello to everyone! I'm traditional artist from Russia (NY time + 9 houres) and I offer you a little bottle of ink. What I can draw - everything and everyone, until people. Also I can add color accent! And I can send you a material original work for an additional fee ^^ Working only for USD...
  7. Mytho_Meadows

    (Commission) Selling: SFW and NSFW Starting at $5-$20

    PLEASE EITHER INBOX ME HERE OR NOTE ME ON MY FURAFFNITY ACCOUNT!! My FA is the same username on here! Type: (chibi, full body, etc) Reference: Expression: Pose: CHIBI: Cell or Soft Shade! Price: $5 USD...
  8. kvasoly

    NSFW Animated YCH for $67

    Hi! I'd like to show you my first animated YCH. It will be with lineart, coloring and shading. I'll do it more smooth and accurate. I can change EVERYTHING as your character is. And I'll be happy if you buy it, cause I really want to try animation but have no time to make it for myself. Here's a...
  9. KingKaine

    Hiring: Character Reference Sheet (price range 120 $ - 180 $)

    Hello I'm Kainé I have quite a few commissions of my character but I don't have an actual reference sheet. That's been something I've been wanting to get done for a while now, I'm gonna add an image of him and you can always message me if you want more. But I'm looking for someone who can make a...
  10. hudin

    (Commission) Selling: full body $100

    Hudinart fullbody commissions SFW Hello, i'm open 5 slots to do commissions on this style without background, if you're interested send me an email: hud.sanos@gmail.com Fa: Userpage of hudinart -- Fur Affinity [dot] net i charge $100 USD (only paypal) +$20 for props Example...
  11. Saltamor

    Open for commission

    Hi:) I'm open to the commission. I draw everything and can fulfill almost any of your orders in excellent quality :) My works you can see on the link below or in the price list :) My prices are very flexible, write to PM for clarification. If the prices are too high, I can pick something more...
  12. Keick Butt

    Commissions OPEN -accept NSFW <3

    Commissions Open, if you interested send me a mail: jbrendosaldanha@gmail.com or reply this post. _OPEN SLOTS_ HEADSHOT 1- 2- 3- 4- BUST 1- 2- FULLBODY 1- CLOSED 2-CLOSED more works: www.artstation.com: Brendo Saldanha
  13. hudin

    dinner YCH

    YCH OPEN!!! Any anthropomorphic character! on this style: www.furaffinity.net: Unfair play by hudinart Payment only on paypal. Slot1 ($90) (OPEN) Male character Slot2 ($70) (OPEN) Any species Slot3 ($70) (OPEN) Any species Slot4 ($20) (CLOSED) Any species Slot5 ($10) (OPEN) Any species If...
  14. T

    Hello, considering collaborating to make a comic\graphic novel

    Hello, considering collaborating to make a comic\graphic novel looking for both: An artist And a script writer (preferable to someone that can write ideas as well as written concrete stuff) Can be one in the same or two people (although I'd prefer one person) budget for now $100
  15. PurpleDawn

    Commissions Open

    Hello, I'm open for commissions. Full Body w/ Background: $15 Full Body w/o Background: $10 Waist up Poses: $7 Headshot: $5 Accepting Paypal and Venmo Please feel free to check out my instagram: Instagram.com/purpledawncreations Or my facebook page Facebook.com/purpledawncreates All art...
  16. Vin4ART


    I'll be updating my commission info and offer beginning January. So I'll be running an "End of the Year" commission sale that'll go on until December 31st. Just hit me up. (full color only, SFW & NSFW, no extreme fetish)
  17. EL Oztoatl

    Hello and thanks!

    Hello everyone! Thaks let me jointhe forums and the amazing page is Furrafinity! I have open commissions, and offers 1 for every $ 50 you get a half full body color gift or if you prefer 2 half full color body for $ 40! They can ask and if they want it thematic of halloween they can ask for it...
  18. BlindJackK

    My Commissions are Open! (SFW and NSFW)

    Commission Info for BlindJackK -- Fur Affinity [dot] net info is here! Sorry, this is my first time pisting to Forums, hope i did it right
  19. zahpkiel


    combo 1: lineart + fullcolor + nsfw + tax paypal = 50$ combo 2: lineart + fullcolor + tax paypal = 28$ combo 3: lineart + nsfw + tax paypal = 28$ full pack : lineart + fullcolor + nsfw + psd + tax paypal : 88$ HOW TO ORDER: 1. Please send me a note entitled "Commission", send me a...