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  1. Katana_in

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) Open commissions fixed price 20$

    Hi! I open commissions with a fixed price of $20 (Headshot, Half body, Full body). Background - simple, simple shadows and color. Payment + $ 10 for an additional character on art. I draw furries and simple animals, including nsfw. BOOSTY payment. You can find examples of works in my account. I...
  2. Trufflis

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) (SFW/NSFW) commissions [5 SLOTS OPEN]

    Examples: For extra info/prices/TOS, please see post on FA. For even more examples, please see my FA gallery. Thanks for viewing and I hope you have an amazing day! ^>^
  3. M

    (Commission) Selling: Professional music from $25 to $50 USD

    This is a limited time offer, since I'm getting kind of desperate. See my info on FurAffinity, as well as an example of a commission I finished very recently ( about 3 hours ago at time of post). Not the commission info will say $100 per slot, for 3 slots, but this thread is advertising 25-50...
  4. XseArt

    (Commission) Selling: Reference sheet commissions NSFW/SFW 40-150$

    Prices: *Feral single pose reference sheet: 40$ Small reference sheet: includes one pose, 2 headshots - 55$, NSFW version + 10$ Medium : includes two poses, 3 character expressions (headshots) - 80$; NSFW version +10$ Large: 3 poses, 3 character expressions, various close ups. Third pose can...
  5. Yumacub

    (Commission) Selling: $5 -$60 Commissions Open || 5 Slots Left!

    Prices: Link: www.furaffinity.net: Commissions OPEN (reminder) by Yumacub TOS: docs.google.com: TOS CAN & WILL DRAW: My specialties: The Lion King/Disney Style Danny Phantom My Little Pony (Friendship is Magic) Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron OCs and fanart (personal style or fandom...
  6. CelestialblueShark

    (Commission) Selling: 6 dollar commission [open]

    Hi!!! So I am opening Commissions of Chibi I will be only open 4 Slots 1-slot- 2-slot- 3-slot- 4-slot Note me your commission! What a normal commission will have: -Simple background -one object -it can be nsfw, furry, human, gore, nude -no landscape -each character added is 4 more dollars...
  7. SoffPigeon

    (Commission) Selling: wiggle icons 5$ (4/4 slots)

    hey!! back at it again trying to sell commissions! this time little wiggle icons! theyre 5$ each! (extra frame +3$) ferals and anthros only! no complex characters!
  8. Tekashi96


    Hello , I’m an artist who’s talents are being wasted at his day job and would love love LOVE to draw your fursona (or whatever the fuck you want I don’t care it can be anything literally) I’ve never drawn anything furry but attached is my style and an example of the quality of my work...
  9. SoffPigeon

    (Commission) Selling: Commissions 5-15$ (3/3 slots)

    temporarily i don't have a commission sheet! this is my first time posting my commissions on a site like this so i haven't had the chance to get it together but i do need money! but after i have my current owed art done i should be getting one soon! Art Examples: Prices and TOS:
  10. Teal_Avokado

    Inky Wind - 17 usd - 2 slots open!

    Hello to everyone! I'm traditional artist from Russia (NY time + 9 houres) and I offer you a little bottle of ink. What I can draw - everything and everyone, until people. Also I can add color accent! And I can send you a material original work for an additional fee ^^ Working only for USD...
  11. ArtsyPride

    Commissioners, What do you want in a commission?

    When you seek to commission art what are you mainly looking for? What style do you like more? Cartoon or Realism? Would you like the artist to have both styles available? How should communication go with the artist? Should they be friendly or straight to the point? Do you like to get updates...
  12. wonke0

    (Commission) Selling: Emergency HEADSHOT (start at 20USD)!

    Open for headshot commissions (just like at the image) Depending on the complexity of the painting the price can change! Background are not included Payment via paypal or ko-fi
  13. booghetti

    (Commission) Selling: Kei's Commissions![Start at 5$ for Lineart]

    Hey, I'm Kei and I'm a furry artist, tho I'm down with drawing people too. If you read all this and want to commission me, dm and we'll start the process! If you want to know what my process is exactly, it'll be me first doing a sketch and after you approve it, we can start the next step, which...
  14. messi191

    I want to draw your character!

    Contact: (e-mail the same as you use Paypal) Additionals: (poses, scenario, a SFW image, if you want) References: (images and name of character) please complete references of your character (color). If you want him wearing specific clothes, send all in the same picture, only the parts you want...
  15. bluezcherry

    (Commission) Selling: bluezcherry's commissions

    I've decided to open up commissions! :D I'll respond to dms, replies to this thread, or you can email me at differentjasper@gmail.com. Or, fill out this form! :) More examples on my Furaffinity: Userpage of bluezcherry -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Slots: taken EMPTY EMPTY I also have a ko-fi...
  16. Jakarva

    Hyena YCH 5 slots open

    $20 flat price, 5 open slots YCH right now. Flat color or Shading let me know. Paypal USD only, no refunds. You can post it on media, but credit/Tag me, I can provide my username for various sites upon request I will send the paypal request pay before you receive the file. Must provide a...
  17. FurFurSha

    (Commission) Selling: Shasha's commissions (12$-135$) ♥ Chibis/Sketches/RefSheets/Polished/Pokemon/NSFW

    Hello there! I'm Sha/Shasha and you can find here my commission prices! I may open and close the thread depending of the free slots!! You are free to ask for more refs if you are trying to find something specific in my style, I will do my best! You can pay in USD or EUR! But I highly recommend...
  18. Rainbow Man

    Buy One Get One Free Full Body Commission ($20.00)

    You can use 1 character reference or 2 character reference after purchasing 1 commission for $20.00 Inbox me if you are interested or if you have any questions. Paypal: BaronTremayneCaple@Gmail.com ~ Baron Tremayne Caple A.K.A. Rainbow Man
  19. knifewolf

    $20 Full-Body Sketches [sfw/nsfw]

    This is the NSFW version here! • All contact is thru FA or FA forum notes. • Sketch info: • Detailed sketch filled in with either white, solid color, or two toned gradient of your choice. 1 character is $20, two characters are $30. Content I will draw: NSFW, SFW, humans, anthro, gore, BDSM...
  20. H

    Hotaru's Commissions: Refs/Chibi/Stickers

    Commissions are open! Discounts for bulk orders! Refs/Chibi/Anthro SFW Only PM if interested!