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  1. LunaTrash

    40$ or under commissions! Whatever-ya-want sale

    Hey guys, In a bind for money right now so I'm giving away cheap commissions!!!! 5$- Head shots 20$ - half bodies (sfw + nsfw) 30$ - full bodies (sfw + nsfw) 40$- multiple characters ( sfw +nsfw) MY ACCOUNTS (warning NSFW) FA : Userpage of LunaTrash -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Tumblr...
  2. Mochiskii

    Open Commissions 2018

    Hello! I just found out about this forum so here's a little info before I start. I'm Mochi a digital artist and animator, I really love cute n fluffy stuff. I had these open for a while so if your interested in my commission PM me or contact me at Mochiicreations@gmail.com More art examples
  3. SalemBitchTrials

    Cheap Commissions! [$5-$20]

    Headshot Full Color DIGITAL: $5 Additional Character: +$3 Thigh-Up Flat Color DIGITAL: $5 Full Color TRADITIONAL: $5 Full Color DIGITAL: $10 Additional Character: +$5 Background: +$10 Full Body Flat Color DIGITAL: $10 Full Color TRADITIONAL: $10 Full Color DIGITAL: $20 Additional Character...
  4. wolvykasu

    10$ anthro designs

    I have a bunch of adoptables at 10$ www.furaffinity.net: adopts for sale ! by wolvykasu
  5. R

    Seeking to Commision, $150 budget

    As the Title states I have A fairly sizable dollar amount (Up to $150) I'm willing to discuss with artists that I'm willing to bid toward a commission. Before I do any commisioning I'd like to have a chance to browse your Libraries. I'm not an dick or an ass who will try to short change you...
  6. Dront12

    Super Team Sales

    Hello everyone, im manager of biggest team of artist my artists lookin for customers we can draw anything you wish in any style you want and prices are very very fair ! just look at pricelist furry humans robots comics
  7. spaceybrains

    Commissions by Kirbins

    Commissions by Kirbins Chibi $12 ($1 for every additional character) Bust $15 ($3 for every additional character) Waist up $20 ($5 for every additional character) Full Body $25 ( $5 for every additional character) For more examples, please feel free to browse my art tag Contact info...
  8. TheRabbitFollower

    Ambriel's Commission Thread

    Normally I just advertise on my dA, but I figured I'd bring it over to my FA as well, especially since I need more furry examples! My dA: Following-The-Rabbit on DeviantArt My FA: Userpage of ambriel -- Fur Affinity [dot] net My commission prices start at $7.50 USD. Plus, I'll draw pretty much...
  9. dreamph

    $5-$15 Commissions Open (SFW/NSFW)

    ✧・゚:* ♡ *:・゚✧ ╭━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━❤━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━╮ Original Commission Post / FA commission page Hey guys!! I updated my commission sheet! I'm primarily a NSFW artist but I can do completely SFW art just as easily! Here are my SFW examples: Icon examples: You can view my NSFW examples...
  10. rabicurs

    Looking to commish, might be tough project. (SFW)

    What I am looking to commish is a scene within a very basic living room kind of setting of my mate and I spending time with our kits. Now, here's the fun part. We have 5 kits in total and have not had any of them actually drawn yet. So I'm looking for an artist that thinks/knows they can, using...