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  1. S

    [CLOSED] Hiring: $80-$100 (NSFW) Looking for a M/F Pokemon Commission

    Hi. I have a budget of around 80-100 dollars on me, and not sure for how much that covers, but I want one or two pictures featuring two Pokemon OCs. The two species I want is with a male Bisharp and a female Vaporeon; with both body types staying to their true design, but with a few decorative...
  2. teacozy1

    Hiring: Gimmie dem commission~!

    :Edit: Hi guys I've found a few artists to commission. Thank you for sharing your commission info with me. Hello everyone I wish to commission some people. Mostly want art of this gal. Lucille Annette Grace Montcroi on Toyhouse My limit is £40 which is $53.27 in US dollars. So shoot your...
  3. Pheanir

    Already finished or new pics for commission sheet?

    Hey there, I am planning to start taking commissions this year and I need to put together a commission sheet with sample pictures to give a preview of what people can expect from me. I already have an information sheet for my terms of service and prices. But I don't know whether it would be...
  4. harushururu

    $10 - $15 Half body Color Commissions!

    Hello!! I'm new to the community and would love to learn how to draw more furries. I've opened some limited commissions to help me learn because sadly I cannot create my own characters all that well either sdfkhsbgd. Thank you thank you so much all the info is located beneath the examples...
  5. Dront12

    Super Team Sales

    Hello everyone, im manager of biggest team of artist my artists lookin for customers we can draw anything you wish in any style you want and prices are very very fair ! just look at pricelist furry humans robots comics
  6. L

    Looking to commission an artist

    Hello- I'm new here and looking for someone to draw up an anime-style yaoi couple (romantic couple, not a NSFW situation). The image in my mind is two anime men in their 20s, but with animal ears and tails. I am able to write a full description of the art and provide concept images to make...
  7. AmariMiku

    Fursona problems :(

    Hello, I've been a furry for a few months but I'm having problems making my own Fursona. I know the colours I denfinatly want but not sure on anything else. I was thinking of making a new species but that seems even harder. I would really appreciate it if someone could help me. I'm basically...
  8. Ijaron

    Am i good enough to do commisions?

    Hello everyone and welcome to my thread, as you already noticed i do have a question wich asks: "Am i good enough for commisions?" well what i want to ask with that is if my woodburnings are good enough to do commisions with it. i will include some links and a picture to show you guys what...