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  1. Jaime Brown

    (Commission) Selling: Pride Chibi Commissions (ONLY $7)

    All month I'm doing a chibi special! Your character in Pride attire! Flat rate of $7. Extra Character is double. Message me if you're interested.
  2. Twiphase3468

    August Slots Are Now OPEN!!!

    I cannot further stress how I would really, Really, REALLY like to commission someone before the end of summer vacation. And so I implore somebody to hire me. click below for further information. these slots will be open until August 5th. www.furaffinity.net: August Slots Are Now OPEN!!! by...
  3. drymarchon

    New Commissions for Hadsvich! [deals inside]

    I drew these black and white commissions for hadsvich on Furvilla! These were a blast to draw, and I had a lot of fun rendering their designs. Bradley, the stoic but deadly lizard. Tenzo, the delightfully evil werewolf. Illian, a reincarnation of the moon! As a thanks for viewing my art...