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commission advice

  1. DanFurArt

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) Sketch Commission of your character (0 of 12 slots)

    ダンテ! ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ OPEN SKETCH COMMISSIONS 0/12 Slots Taken Commission ToS (Spanish) ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Prices: Headshot 6$ Full or Half Body: 10$ -I speak- My main lang is Spanish «» English Details to be considered English is not my mother tongue, so your description had better...
  2. heroicsquidget

    Anyone here can give me insight on how to make bank on niche fetishes related to furry art?

    I know, I know. There's no shortcut to success, the whole "furries are rich" trope is a meme and most of y'all are ordinary people. I really need the money. I dipped my toes into marketing myself by offering free art but all I got were followers waiting for said free art. I got a few commissions...
  3. Redo30

    Where the best place to sell your commissions?

    Hello! (I hope this all sounds okay I'm new to forms uwu) I'm a freelance artist and I'm trying to sell my art. I wanted to see where other artists sell their commission or where commissioners fine artists to commission? I'm pretty confident with my prices and work but I've been doubting it...
  4. F

    Tutorial: Help with commissions

    I'm still fairly new to the art world. I plan to start accepting commissions when I get more skilled, and get access to a PC and art apps. I want to know more because I know nothing about commissions except that they can make you good money based on your skills in art.
  5. CasualBlue

    I have a question for experienced users (concerning commissions)

    So... I started posting art in my Fur Affinity page a few months ago, and a few weeks ago, I opened up for commissions. I have a small following, only 90 users, but I imagined that at least 1 of them would be intersted in buying a slot. My question is, why does nobody want to commission me? I...
  6. FerAdami Lopes Adami

    Fer's - Commissions Open -

    Im always open to bring characters to life :) My main goal is make my clients happy <3 I can draw any species (humans or creatures/animals), I always send wips, stay comunicative and my max turn around is 2 weeks ~ You pay in euro? No worries! All the prices in euros is reduced US10 to euro...
  7. Doodle Bunny

    Commissioned Artist Positivity Thread

    Selling your art can be rough. Whether it’s your client being a dick, some rando beating you down, or even your own mind destroying your self esteem, it’s tough to stay optimistic. If you sell commissions or are thinking of starting to sell them, this is for you. What’s a kind thing someone...
  8. Felipe Ibañez Chacana

    Shall I do commissions With my skills?

    I have troubles finding people who would like to commmission me :'c I am trying my best, but I really am wondering if anyone would even want one.. What do you guys think? Forsaken2744's DeviantArt Gallery (Btw, worry if I put my link from Deviantart, that is where I upload my most recent art)
  9. Vultark

    Starting out as an NSFW artist. Wondering what my best strategy is. Any help? (With a few questions)

    Started an account a couple days ago after reading up on money made from artwork within the fanbase. It sounds sleezy but I'm in need of funds and know this is something that I can do and also fit time in with my personal life. I'm comfortable drawing anything except underage stuff and figured...
  10. Genonair

    Free Art of Your Fursona! [CLOSED]

    Hi! This is my first post ever on FA, so nice to meet you! I want to start commissions at one point, but feel uncomfortable doing it without any following. Plus, I would like to improve and hear feedback from people on here. That is why I am offering making free art. What I offer: I can draw...
  11. Moogie69

    On the subject of gifts; best practices for authors?

    Hi everyone. I've begun writing stories for people recently and an interesting problem has come up with regards to people gifting their friends a story involving their characters. I'm happy to write stories involving other people's characters, if I have that person's permission to do so. But...
  12. S

    Tips for Writing Commissions

    I've recently started working on writing dirty stories, and while I'm still in the 'taking suggestions' stage of my writing, I've been looking for any advice when it comes to taking commissions, especially regarding how to write kink-focused commissions and deciding on decent pricing. As such...
  13. defunct

    $5 Stylized Icons/Portraits

    Art in the same style (hard edges, cel shading, soft colors, etc.) as the cutscenes from the game Oneshot Examples from the game: I don't have much in terms of examples of my own because this is something I've just started to experiment with, this is a currrent WIP Leave a reply below...
  14. V

    Hello everyone what do you think of this site for getting commissions ?

    the site i'm talking about is artistsnclients.com: Commission art with less risk - the one art commissions marketplace - Artists&Clients is it good ? i'm having some problems on deciding if i should use it, because i have a paypal account and this site basically first collects your money on the...
  15. galo

    Christmas sales! cute, sexy, nasty or whatever you want xP

    I opened slots for any kind of digital commission a few days ago. There still have two slots available for anyone how want a commission. I can draw any kind of character or scenary ( but I need practice with feather wings) I will not do sketch commissions or color sketch headshots because they...
  16. S

    Commissioning for stories?

    hey guys! I'm kinda new here, so sorry if this is a stupid question but I am very curious about the answer to this. I've seen people commission art before, and I'm good at drawing, don't get me wrong. But I don't have my tablet yet, but one thing I'm very good at is story writing. Is it possible...
  17. Rowfy

    Rowf's Commissions (NSFW)

    rowfy.tumblr.com: Commission Info (NSFW) (All commission info, including payment method and process, is included here). Hello. I've recently entered the market for furry artwork and am just beginning to build up a following. It's been going pretty well, and I appreciate everyone who's...
  18. A

    Technally this isn't anything but I'm hoping someone will help anyways

    I don't really do fursutes due to my vision but I do dress up But this is not for that, although the point is to be used for that after it's real mission my wedding I don't have a date or time or price which is why I'm here I'm hoping you guys will help me get my dream dress into reality...
  19. Random_Eye_Ball

    Iceman1984 / TRN

    I'm sure this is going to stir up some drama so I'm sorry about that in advance but I'm not sure how else to ask this. does anyone know what happened to iceman1984 and/or how to contact him? for those who don't know he took a lot of commissions became over burdened then disappeared. I...
  20. Vermilion

    It's what the people want!!

    Hi, I've been trying to get commissions for a while now and nothing seems to work. I'm interested in finding out if there are certain things that people look for in a piece. How much does price play a roll? If $5 for a piece why wouldn't you buy it? Is NSFW really the only kind of art that...