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commission art

  1. Fedorakoshka

    (Commission) Selling: Starting from 25$ icons to 55$ full body color

    im taking commissions! pm me or comment this thread if youre interested about the details of how i take commissions or if you need to see any examples of my works.
  2. Univorn

    (Commission) Selling: SFW Headshots n Fullbody (all species). Range $35-$80+

    Hello! I have a site right here where you can view the pieces in a streamlined fashion (mobile friendly) If you wish to commission me, you can either contact me here, on fA, or email me at univorn.comms@gmail.com with your order. My turn around time is up to a week. If it will take longer than...
  3. TheBastion

    Sketches and Illustrations from a professional

    I can be contacted here on the forums, but respond faster through by email. bastioncoart@gmail.com
  4. DEEBArt

    New here and feel welcome already

    Hey FA people, I created my account a couple of days ago but only started uploading my drawings yesterday, I'm using FA as my furry-NSFW-only art portfolio, I'm still new to drawing NSFW in general and feel so excited I'm also thankful for the punch of faves I immediately received after...
  5. Arara

    (Commission) Selling: ♥ Ara's Art Shop! ♥ - (15/30usd)

    Hello! you may call me Ara, I'm an animation student and an artist and right now I'm offering some commission options! I'd be honored to work with you!!! Commission Price List! Adding a Background Information What I can do: - Humans and Humans with animal features: ears, tails, wings…...
  6. zahpkiel

    (Other) Selling: Promo Furry / Anthro - lineart / full color - sfw or nsfw

    Are you tired of your old Oc? Do you want your character to be sexy and updated? I am pleased to inform you that I am with open commissions to make your characters are something eye-catching. Slot1 (160$) two arts of your character, with the clothes you want or nsfw Slot2 (200$) three arts of...
  7. Dritazura

    $5 Commission Special!

    Hello fellow furry friends! I am doing a special on commissions of this style which would include one character of your choice doing a pose of your choice and one color you’d like as well and I will be shading with a lighter shade of the color you chose. Payment will be via PayPal and can have...
  8. Vultark

    Starting out as an NSFW artist. Wondering what my best strategy is. Any help? (With a few questions)

    Started an account a couple days ago after reading up on money made from artwork within the fanbase. It sounds sleezy but I'm in need of funds and know this is something that I can do and also fit time in with my personal life. I'm comfortable drawing anything except underage stuff and figured...
  9. BlackCatMug

    ☕ BlackCatMug's Shop! {$10-60+}& YCH☕

    Hello everyone! My name is Oath and I'm fairly new to the community! But, I've been drawing my whole life. A friend of mine directed me to this forum so I thought it would be fun and I would give it a shot and make a shop. I'm not the greatest at formatting, or really knowledgeable about forums...
  10. M

    [OPEN COMMIS] Headshot ,Halfbody, Fullbody

    Hello, as many of you know I am from Venezuela and we are going through a quite strong crisis, which causes me to make commissions to pay for some medications (which are difficult to obtain), apart from that I am saving to get my documentation because I want go from the country (my goal is to go...
  11. Wehtake

    Commission open!

    Heya! i'm taking few commissions slots for vacations. If you are interested or have any questions, feel free to write me here or send me a note ~ Some examples : Price list : Quick Term of service : - I have the right to decline any order without giving a reason; -...
  12. Cerpyn

    Goal shop! | PayPal

    Hello! I'm new to this site (and to drawing furries!) and I want to do some commissions so that I can fullfill my goal! Goal: €0/€500 This goal is set up for a new laptop! My current one is well.. Pretty crappy and old. Do's, dont's & maybies: - I LOVE drawing alien/monster species (such as...
  13. RonarAe4

    Ae4's Portrait Commission! [OPENED]

    Hi! I'm Ae4 and I am currently opened for commissions! If you have any questions, send me a PM or anything. I only have humanoid samples, but I do take furry commissions too. :) If you'd like to see more samples of this commission, check out my TH. ▶︎ Commissions on Toyhouse
  14. techbae


    HI! I'm new here! I still dunno how this works but I have a new ych I did for my deviantart page/furaffinity page! www.furaffinity.net: YCH CHEAP OPEN by techbae it's only 10 usd!
  15. saranwrapham


    Hello! Here is my current open commission info ^^ I take PayPal only! I have 2 full body YCHs for $25 each! Comment to claim which one! Digital badges : $20
  16. spookyfoxinc

    £15 Fullbodies For Sale - Quick Turnaround

    hey you guys! i’m selling some fullbody coloured sketches, and was wondering if anyone was interested. sfw only any pose/activity £15/character finished within a week! hmu on furaffinity if that interests you at all!! Userpage of spookyfoxinc -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  17. FaintestGem

    Character Artist Looking to do Some Furry Art :)

    Hey everyone! So, I'm a little new to this community but I would really like to start doing furry art and figured this would be the best place to find people interested. I'm in desperate need of money rn and would love to contribute some awesome art to the community ^_^ As a general...
  18. Galaxseed


    ~ Unlimited slots ~ ICONS ARE 13 USD EACH I also do humans and robots too ! nothing too complicated design wise as I like to keep it simple-looking . if interested, please email with a reference sheet /character examples at: galaxseedofficial@gmail.com - Or note me here -
  19. spookyfoxinc

    SFW TOONY COMMISSIONS (Prices from £10 for full colour!)

    Hey guys! I've recently solidified my prices for this month, and was looking to sell some art. Here are my examples/prices! Plushify commissions - £10 (£15 if your oc is particularly complex) Toony fullbodies - £10 Fullbody - £16 flat like the example, £20 inc shading Other types are...
  20. roido

    High Quality Commissions For Sale -OPEN-

    Please visit my website for any and all information ABOUT AND CONTACT: roidoabout.carrd.co: roido about TOS: roidotos.carrd.co: roido TOS PRICES: roidoprices.carrd.co: roido's prices Examples