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commission art

  1. Digitalkaiju

    (Commission) Selling: Commissions Open! SFW/NSFW ($25 starting)

    Payments are upfront, I'll send an invoice. You're free to DM me here on FA instead of email. Examples of my work can be found here. Artwork Gallery for digitalkaiju -- Fur Affinity [dot] net I am not accepting animations at this time.
  2. ModifiedRabbit

    Commissions! As low as $12 for sketch work!

    Hello! My name is Modified Rabbit and I offer a wide range of commission art including but not limited to sketch work, line art, gray shaded work, full color and physical paintings! Userpage of ModifiedRabbit -- Fur Affinity [dot] net (Check out my FA for many more sample pieces and deals! I am...
  3. G

    New to site- Art Dump-NSFW Content

    First time posting, not sure if it'll look good or not. This is some of my work. I do commissions and am a comic book artist. My DA link for more work: All by GoblinGrimm1 on DeviantArt
  4. chazzforte

    Illustration/animation/music commissions ($25-$85)

    CHAZZ FORTE COMMISSIONS (UPDATED) Hey Hey, i had to update my price sheets for regular commissions as well as include some more options! Right now i’m doing commissions and i have some extra goodies to give to you guys! I’m still doing the illustration and character designs but i’m also doing...
  5. Simon Sweet

    (Commission) Selling: SFW Commission Info [6.00-20.00 Price Range] Paypal only.

    Commission info! Long story short, I want to start making money and have to fix my door lmao; If anybody is looking for commissions and like my art, feel free to message me! Sketches- 6.00 Colored Sketch- 8.00 Drawing from head to shoulder- 15.00 Full body- 20.00 with shading, 10 w/o! Full...
  6. megami83

    (Commission) Selling: Lit commissions open $10-25

    Hi folks, I am a freelance writer with over 14 years' experience bringing other peoples' characters and scenarios to life. I am available for commissions, $10 per 1,000 words. I also edit and revise existing works. Examples of my recent previous work can be found in my gallery. Please no NSFW...
  7. PolyaBorty

    (Commission) Selling: [OPEN] Humans/humanoids • Any gender • Sfw [$25-$120]

    If you are interested, please, send me a note or write a comment ;) ★ PORTRAIT ★ • B/W - $25 • Colored - $40 Detailed BG: +$5-$10 Examples: Artwork Gallery for PolyaBorty -- Fur Affinity [dot] net ★ HALFBODY ★ • B/W - $45 • Colored - $60 Detailed BG: +$15-$25 Examples: Artwork Gallery for...
  8. FerAdami Lopes Adami

    Fullbody Commissions Open! (US50 -- US100 price range)

    I'm open to fullbody commissions or characters creations ~ Price range for fullbody commission: US50 up to US100 acourding character details or scenery complexity ~ For character creations my prices are US50 up to US95, acourding character complexity and explorations This kind of piece can be a...
  9. CelestialblueShark

    (Commission) Selling: 5 to 18 Dollars Commission

    Hii!! So I am opening some cheap commissions from 5 dollars to 18 I will show the examples below <3 Since I am starting this for the first time, I am keeping it as basic and cheap as possible. I can do NSFW, Gore, More poses, From the sides. Anthro, Animals, Dragons etcs. These are just head...
  10. nathan1000

    Doing Commissions $10-20/Commission (No Color) (Anything Goes)

    Commissions for $10-20, will draw anything as long as it's not colored.
  11. beauzii

    (Commission) Selling: COMMISSIONS !! FULLY RENDERED

    I’m out a job due to this coronavirus matter so I really could use some cash, so i’ll be doing commissions. time : 1-3 days max Prices range from $20-100 depending on number of characters, background, pose etc. I love unique and exciting commissions so feel free to come up with whatever your...
  12. waifupanda

    Commission (Selling): $25 USD - $75 USD commissions open!

    I'm open for commissions ^w^! I'm trying to reach the goal of $80 by the end of the day! If you're interested please comment below with your character ref or feel free to pm me! I design characters and draw them as well uwu! waifupanda.weebly.com: Prices here are a full sheet of my prices as...
  13. Silvv

    (Commission) Selling: Illustration Commissions 40$-170$

    General info: 12/06/2019 1.I am opening commissions for whole three months. If you would be interested in getting something from me, please chceck out my instagram, furraffinity and dA gallery so you will know in what styles I can work. Tho I usually work in book illustration and...
  14. F.lee_art

    (Commission) Selling: Commissions!! (5$-100$+)

    I am broke, so here's my commission info! Commission sheet and examples below, my email is f.lee.artwork@gmail.com
  15. tealteeth

    (Commission) Selling: I'm taking comissions! 5USD to 15USD

    Hi! I'm a graphic design student and recently I decided to start taking comissions and such. It would super helpful if you commissioned me or helped me share my info/social media. I accept only paypal, for commissions for 5USD I ask payment first, for everything else you can pay half first...
  16. M

    (Commission) Selling: Opening for commissions ($5-$50)

    Looking for illustration or sketch sheets!? I am open for commissions!! I draw NSFW and SFW. Please check out my gallery (18++++), Please be careful of sensitive contents! Userpage of mk_01 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Scraps: Scraps Gallery for mk_01 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Gallery: Artwork...
  17. ArtisticUsva

    (Commission) Selling: Offering cheap half/fullbodies! ($15-$30)

    What the title says! I haven't drawn furry characters in quite a while and would like to brush up my skills before opening up proper commissions, so I'm offering some cheap commissions before getting fully on track. You'll receive a lined, flat-colored piece with a simple background consisting...
  18. Waifu-chan

    Full color Coms: Fursona's and more! [10$-30$]

    Hello! I'm Waifu-chan, and my commissions are open! I am always open to working with the commissioner, and I will do nsfw but please message me before hand! What I wont do: Guro / anything with children that puts them in a negative position / mech Will do: Furry, various fetish/nsfw, oc's...
  19. Rubyforbreakfast

    (Commission) Selling: ✧Ruby's Summer Commissions + Character Sheets✧ [$20 - $100]

    ✧ Commission Slots Available ✧ My Name is Ruby and I do digital art! Help a queer artist pay her rent!! @Ruby4Breakfast / rubywilsonbiz@gmail.com ✧ Currently selling: ✧ 1. Slot One: Open 2. Slot Two: Open 3. Slot Three: Open 4. Slot Four: Open 5. Slot Five: Open ✧ Pricing ✧ Coloured Bust: $20...
  20. AstroP

    (Other) Selling: Affordable Commissions! ($5-$30)

    Hello there! :) First off, I would like to kindly thank you for clicking on my thread by reading the title. Hopefully I can keep you interested,haha! Anywho, I'm Panty, a Digital Artist who's been a furry for two years now. I haven't dabbled in drawing my ocs in a while, I've just been on the...