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commission art

  1. Galaxseed


    ~ Unlimited slots ~ ICONS ARE 13 USD EACH I also do humans and robots too ! nothing too complicated design wise as I like to keep it simple-looking . if interested, please email with a reference sheet /character examples at: galaxseedofficial@gmail.com - Or note me here -
  2. spookyfoxinc

    SFW TOONY COMMISSIONS (Prices from £10 for full colour!)

    Hey guys! I've recently solidified my prices for this month, and was looking to sell some art. Here are my examples/prices! Plushify commissions - £10 (£15 if your oc is particularly complex) Toony fullbodies - £10 Fullbody - £16 flat like the example, £20 inc shading Other types are...
  3. roido

    High Quality Commissions For Sale -OPEN-

    Please visit my website for any and all information ABOUT AND CONTACT: roidoabout.carrd.co: roido about TOS: roidotos.carrd.co: roido TOS PRICES: roidoprices.carrd.co: roido's prices Examples
  4. M.Rockatansky

    30€ Detailed Full Body Shot Deal - realistic style artworks

    Hello and welcome to my new commissioning thread! I want to start off with a very special deal - I'm searching for a specific character to visualize! And there are three discount sketching slots, yay! I would like to get a great reference for a highly polished character with no background...
  5. Botticella89

    Botticella89 Commissions! [NSFW and SFW Allowed!]

    Hey guys it's been a while but I'm back and excepting commissions! Here's my price sheet. If you have any questions fill free to contact me here or via email and if you want to see more examples of my work check out my furaffinity, deviantART, or instagram! I do have a full-time job and it...
  6. mina-mortem

    Art Commissions [NSFW/SFW/fetishes]

    Hello, everyone! I'm Wilhelmina Mortem, a dreamy Russian artist with little kinks and big aspirations :3 One of my primary hobbies is drawing a lot, and considering my increasing interest in furry artwork, this time, I decided to draw something specifically for you! Be it SFW or NSFW artwork...
  7. DNP101

    DNP101 COMMISSIONS OPEN - [$15 - $50] - [New Discount Theme]

    - DNP101 is Open for Commissions - Sketches - Linework - Full Renders - Reference Sheets - *insert specification here* - Commission Slots - Terms of Service - Drawing Limitations - Prices - - Current Sale (July 24th, 2018) - - Contact Furaffintiy: DNP101 Discord: DarkNeedle101#1915 Email...
  8. LadyPandemonium

    Commissions *OPEN*

    Hello!! I'm open for commissions!! I draw just about anything! Chubby Skinny Tall Short Ref sheets anything! www.furaffinity.net: PRICE SHEET UPDATE by SelenaC527
  9. _gogostar

    gogo does "gommissions!"

    HI ! SO I’VE FINALLY DECIDED TO DO COMMISSIONS ! i will take payments ONLY from paypal which you will receive via pm after placing your order! i prefer money upfront since it keeps me focused on work and what i have to do. message me any questions or commission details, and i’ll get back to...
  10. milkrainn

    ✿ milk's summer-themed bust commissions! ✿

    hello, everyone! i'm milk & i am currently accepting $30 summer-themed bust commissions to help pay for rent this summer as i am a recently unemployed art teacher! for these busts, you may pick (or combine) one of the 3 themes for your character!! or... if you don't want any of these themes...
  11. rottenbites

    nanabun's colored chibi/kemonomimis! (NSFW added)

    hello everyone! My name is nana and I have just started using this site. I'm best at drawing human-like creatures, but I do play around with anime/ kemonomimi too! I also aim to get better at drawing other kinds of furry art!! I hope you'll give me a chance and maybe take interest in my works...
  12. K

    COMMISSIONS Starting at $10

    Posting my commissions sheet for Spring/Summer 2018. I will definitely be updating as I improve my art skills. I'll put as many details as I can here and if you have questions please note/PM me. What I will do- OC stuff and fursonas (I love OC stuff so don't be shy) , ponies, shipping, smut...
  13. MirrorTeru

    (Commission) Selling: Teru's Commissions! (SFW only) ($7~$30+)

    Hello! Opening commissions here! Rules / ToS : Chibis ($7) They'll be flat colored-- please tell me if you want them in a different pose, too! (Design complexity might bump it to $10) Headshots/Busts/Icons, $10 Half-Body, $20 (Extra character: +$10) Full Body, $30 (Extra...
  14. eleoyasha

    Eleoyasha's Art Shop

    Hi guys! :D I'm currently unemployed and I need to save a lot of money at this moment :( Here I leave my commissions information. If you are interested, please send me a message! www.furaffinity.net: Emergency Commissions Open! by eleoyasha • How to order a commission: You must fill out a...
  15. dotG_23


    Hello everyone out there! You can order ANY commission from me, just write a direct message to me! Here's what you need to know before you do your first step in your order: -it takes 2-3 days for me to fully complete the work; -you must give me a very detailed description of what you want me...
  16. SynDraws

    5$ Feral YCH S [ 4/4 OPEN ]

    Each 5$ Slot includes clean linework and flat colors, you can add shading for 2$ as well! + Canines only, and I won't add wings but other than that I'll change the base to fit your oc. + More art examples: Im Syn (@syn.draws) • Instagram photos and videos + If you're interested, email me...
  17. fluffpanda

    Various commissions open!

    Hello everyone! I'm Fluffy Panda and I am brand new here oHo I am open for various commissions which include OC art, OC sheets, NSFW arts (here prices to be discussed individually), flash dress-up games (price also to discuss), book covers, banners etc. Payment with paypal only! Some examples...
  18. ColdSoul

    Pay what you want Commissions!

    Hello So this is what I offer commission wise and want I normally charge- This is how this works, you can offer any price you want for a commission (offering impractical prices like 1p or a couple pounds will not be accepted hehe) and I will decide whether to accept it or not. You can...
  19. peanutbunner

    Five Slots Open! ($5USD-$80USD) NSFW, Anthro Included

    Hey! My name is Alexa, and I'm an illustration student looking to take FIVE commissions from the lovely folks on this forum. Q&A What is your payment policy? For lineart, and both colored options, I need AT LEAST 50% of payment upfront, and the other 50% will be paid before you receive a...
  20. FluffyChuck91

    $25 Valentines YCH Commissions

    Alrighty then! Time for something different! Love is in the air, which means Valentine's is near! Whats YCH? It stands for Your Character Here, which means i can draw your characters in the same poses as these stand-ins. They can be any size, shape, gender, species or color. This can make for a...