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commission art

  1. fuvoid

    Sketch Commissions! ($5+)

    Hi! Thanks for checking this out! These are sketches, so the quality in each one may be different. I'll try my best though! If I decline your request it's because I don't think I'd be able to draw it well, Sorry! SKETCHES: $5 (bust) SIMPLE COLOR: +$3 +$2 and above for complex details I can...
  2. Ranmaru

    10 slots Commissions [OPEN] April/May Special: Matching Icons $20+

    Hello everyone! I'm just new at drawing Furries and as I don't know a lot of people with a Fursona, I thought I could offer my commissions here! So you get a full resolution commission and I can practice drawing Furries! ☆☆☆ April/May Special Requests: Matching Icons ☆☆☆ ☆Just for April and...
  3. CoolCoolSkies

    Fursona Badge Commission Sale!

    So about the badge: a printed piece of your character on a custom background and laminated, with a hole punch for a lanyard (which you will also get) The badges will be about 4.5-5 inches. Price: -One character: $25 w/shipping -Two characters: $45 w/shipping Can only ship to those in the US...