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commission artist

  1. Raydrawsx

    (Commission) Selling: 2D and 3D Drawings and Models [SFW&NSFW] OPEN!

    ◢◤◢◤◢◤◢◤◢◤◢◤◢◤ ◢◤ ◢◤◢◤◢◤◢◤◢◤◢◤◢◤◢◤ ◢◤ ◢◤ About me: Hello I'm a Japanese-American furry artist! I've been drawing since 2016 and I currently go to art school. I'm very new to this kind of social media so sorry if I make any mistakes with this post. I'm always open to feedback, whether that's on...
  2. VolatusArts

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) Volatus Arts - Rent Commissions

    Full Time Artist Offering Commission Slots Hello, name is Volatus. I'm offering digital art for my clients and for those looking for a long term artist, i.e a go-to, I am interested. I've done it before with other clients! I am currently open, and I am comfortable with almost just about...
  3. mimiart


    Hi! I am drawing characters or people for cheap! Here are my prices~ Fullbody: Color $8/Lineart $5 Waist-up: Color $6/Lineart $3 Bust/icon: Color $3/Lineart $2 Any extra characters will be +half-price each. Payments through PayPal. The work can be given with a simple background, or...
  4. ModifiedRabbit

    Commissions! As low as $12 for sketch work!

    Hello! My name is Modified Rabbit and I offer a wide range of commission art including but not limited to sketch work, line art, gray shaded work, full color and physical paintings! Userpage of ModifiedRabbit -- Fur Affinity [dot] net (Check out my FA for many more sample pieces and deals! I am...
  5. tinybuggy

    (Commission) Selling: $6-25 Portrait commissions

    I'm selling two types of portrait commissions: 1. Small icon commissions at $6 2. Regular portraits at $25 Can do any species, no surcharge for complex designs. Turn around is about a day for simple icons, two weeks for regular portraits. Other examples of my work: tinybuggyart's...
  6. Simon Sweet

    (Commission) Selling: SFW Commission Info [6.00-20.00 Price Range] Paypal only.

    Commission info! Long story short, I want to start making money and have to fix my door lmao; If anybody is looking for commissions and like my art, feel free to message me! Sketches- 6.00 Colored Sketch- 8.00 Drawing from head to shoulder- 15.00 Full body- 20.00 with shading, 10 w/o! Full...
  7. plachuu

    COMMISSIONS OPEN (emergency)

    Hello everyone, I'm Plachuu and I need some help. I have a very bad life situation and you will help me a lot by taking a commission from me or posting about it on your page. My FA: Userpage of plachuu -- Fur Affinity [dot] net My TOS and PRICE Commission Info for plachuu -- Fur Affinity...
  8. CuddlyFluff

    (Commission) Selling: Anything you want! $15+

    Like the title says, I'll do anything you're looking for. Whether it be SFW, NSFW or fetishes, I'm your girl! Here is the link to my gallery: Userpage of SkylarBlack72 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Things that I will draw: -Any fetish is allowed, we don't judge here! Only thing I don't allow are...
  9. SecretTuna

    Maf Toony commissions! Range 15€ - 30€

    Hello, I'm Maf! The price indicated are indicative for 1 chara, for every additional character the total charge changes! I do both SFW and NSFW works, I draw most of the things excluding diaper, scat and babycub related fetishes, but for anything else just ask away!
  10. FerAdami Lopes Adami

    Fullbody Commissions Open! (US50 -- US100 price range)

    I'm open to fullbody commissions or characters creations ~ Price range for fullbody commission: US50 up to US100 acourding character details or scenery complexity ~ For character creations my prices are US50 up to US95, acourding character complexity and explorations This kind of piece can be a...
  11. tealteeth

    (Commission) Selling: I'm taking comissions! 5USD to 15USD

    Hi! I'm a graphic design student and recently I decided to start taking comissions and such. It would super helpful if you commissioned me or helped me share my info/social media. I accept only paypal, for commissions for 5USD I ask payment first, for everything else you can pay half first...
  12. GalacticFigurine

    (Commission) Selling: $5-$40+ -- Including Pay What You Can, Min. $5

    Commissions are open! ♥ For 1 character: Basic Concept Sketch: $5 (Additional Character +$5) Clean Lines: $10 (Additional Character +$5) Flat Colors: $15 (Additional Character +$10) Full Color with Effects: $20 (Additional Character +$15) Full Color with Effects and Background: $40 (Additional...
  13. Fedorakoshka

    (Commission) Selling: Starting from 25$ icons to 55$ full body color

    im taking commissions! pm me or comment this thread if youre interested about the details of how i take commissions or if you need to see any examples of my works.
  14. chuukey

    (Commission) Selling: chuu's comms & adopts ($20-$100+) NEW ADOPTS

    hello, you can call me chuu! i'm offering coloured digital work. i'm a student working to save money over the summer for my next year at university. i'm in a pinch rn, so here i am. QwQ/ i'm comfortable drawing most things, most refs i have right now are of sexy ladies because that's what i...
  15. FerAdami Lopes Adami

    Fer's - Commissions Open -

    Im always open to bring characters to life :) My main goal is make my clients happy <3 I can draw any species (humans or creatures/animals), I always send wips, stay comunicative and my max turn around is 2 weeks ~ You pay in euro? No worries! All the prices in euros is reduced US10 to euro...
  16. Arara

    (Commission) Selling: ♥ Ara's Art Shop! ♥ - (15/30usd)

    Hello! you may call me Ara, I'm an animation student and an artist and right now I'm offering some commission options! I'd be honored to work with you!!! Commission Price List! Adding a Background Information What I can do: - Humans and Humans with animal features: ears, tails, wings…...
  17. Dubbie

    (Commission) Selling: [OPEN] Dubbie's Commissions! $5-$35

    Hey guys, my name is Dubbie. I'm a digital artist and I'm open for commissions! Commission Info Chart: Some examples of my works: For more examples check out: My DeviantArt Page My FurAffinity Page If interested or you have questions send me an email: coolpurpledudette@gmail.com You can...
  18. Dubbie

    (Commission) Selling: Dubbie's Commission Thread! (Between $5-$30)

    Hi guys! My name is Dubbie, and I am opening up for commissions! Sketch Head: $5 Waist: $7 Body: $9 Outline Head: $10 Waist: $12 Full: $15 Flat Colours: Head: $17 Waist: $20 Full: $23 Detailed Shading: Head: $25 Waist: $27 Full: $30 TOS: Prices are per character. Secondary...
  19. Mickeys

    $20 Big bad wolf

    First time here, first time selling - meet my big bad wolf :D It's just a little something I drew on my phone for a warmup. If you're interested in buying, contact me via email yunocorn69@gmail.com
  20. Ryukiwolf

    (Commission) Selling: Ryuki's Art - $10 - $65 from sketches to full render, character creation as well!!

    Hello all! You can just call me Ryuki! I'm fairly new to this community, but I'm excited for the chance to work with you! You can go ahead and pm me on FA or here if you have any questions. I'm online fairly often, so I'll do my best to quickly respond! Now on to the services I offer! For my...