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commission (hiring)

  1. T

    Hiring: Looking for a couple of commissions

    1: Emojis (hip up) I have a list but I'll have to send separately 2. 2 different nsfw ship arts And 1 sfw ship arts $100 to spend but will kindly keep this open till I'm able to get all of my list Cash app is preferred
  2. LexiTehGallade

    Hiring: ($150+) [CLOSED] Looking for - Artist capable of delivering a private commission of two anthropomorphised female gallades in outfits.

    THIS OFFER IS NOW CLOSED. Thank you so very very much to everyone who sent their wonderful references <3 We've made a decision on whom to go with, so we are no longer accepting more responses. To preface: Please forgive me if this sounds weirdly matter-of-fact or robotic. I'm not used to...
  3. CaptainCandyass

    Hiring: ($15+) Discord/Telegram Sticker, 2 Characters (NSFW)

    Artist has been chosen! Thank you for your submissions! Just a forewarning, if you don't have experience drawing Furries, Females, Males, NSFW Content or Protogens you have less chances of being selected (But not zero). Please be prepared to provide examples of these things if possible. Prefer...
  4. Nox Urasa

    Hiring: ($75+) Nsfw art

    [Disclaimer] I am very new to this site so bare with me I'm looking for someone to draw my fursona in NSFW way, my budget is max $100 and I have my sona as a 3rd base model so I can show you every angle if need be
  5. T

    Hiring: The elder scrolls themed commission

    Hello yall. I was wondering is here any The elder scrolls game fans and would be interested drawing art piece of it. To be precise I was looking to get art piece from The elder scrolls online game with my khajiit character and companion her companion Ember. This would be sfw action piece. I'm...
  6. Amynta

    Hiring: ($35+) (NSFW) Male Anthro Shark Drawing

    Hey there! I'd like to commission a NSFW, simple drawing of one of my characters. There are no refs yet, only descriptions. I need a male, anthro shark, with a femboy-ish look. Nothing too crazy, aside from some piercings and simple markings. I will get into more detail in DMs, of course. It...
  7. TheHolyHentai556

    Hiring: ($150+) (Hiring NSFW) Human Interspecies Commission

    Hello! I'm looking for a talented artist who's okay with draw human ladies being pregnant with babies of different species. Down below is a list of species involved. Just a bit of a heads up, the commission ideas I might share could potentially involve birthing. Please let me know in the...
  8. R

    Hiring: Looking for artist to draw Lop from Star Wars

    Hey. I just finished watchin Star Wars Visions and when I saw Lop, I knew I had to get art of her. So I'm looking for someone who would be interested drawing nsfw piece with her. I'm looking to get foot stuff with her so I hope your fine drawing that kind of stuff. My budget for this piece is...
  9. DarkMint29

    (Commission) Selling: ($50+) Looking to commission Cuck/NTR related art

    Hello! My name is Darkmint and me and my girlfriend are really into the idea of cuckolding. She really likes seeing other artists sonas with hers, and I love going through the process of helping artists create such a thing. I enjoy seeing her sona with another artists' doing lewd/nsfw acts, and...
  10. ScarilynMournroe

    Hiring: Reference sheet & emotes/stickers! ($500+)

    Looking for a sfw reference sheet for my sona! I need at least a flat-colored front and back view, preferably with some chibi outfits and maybe a few small items/accessories. I'm also looking to have a few custom Discord emotes and/or telegram stickers done of the same character. Budget is...
  11. Vishunei

    Hiring: ($5+) Video Game-based Simple Icon/Commission

    Salutations/hello there. Just looking for an artist to do a commission of my hyena sona in the form of the tatakons, more specifically Don-chan from the Taiko franchise. I was thinking in the form of an icon/headshot. I won't even begin to express how much the series has meant to me and the...
  12. ab-9595

    Hiring: ($35+) LF artists to draw some NSFW Pokemon bird art

    Hello folks, I'm looking for an artist who is interested in drawing some pokephilia (human x pokemon) for me. Mostly the pokemon would be the major focus of the image. I'm looking to have the art depict my Rufflet oc. My Rufflet is also feral too, so keep that in mind. I will provide much more...
  13. Cerrvine

    (Commission) Selling: ($50+) Semi Realistic Painted Portraits

    Hello, I am open for portraits in a painted semi-realistic style - inspired by oil painting! $50 through Paypal. I specialize in naturalistic creatures or anthro, but clothing/accessories are perfectly fine. These are neck/shoulders up, with a focus on the face. Background is simple, either an...
  14. B

    Hiring: ($150+) Hiring Fiction Authors to write a NSFW Monster Girl scene

  15. M

    Hiring: Reference sheet for my Goat boi

    Hi. I'm looking for artist who would be interested drawing a reference sheet for feminine Goat character. I'm looking to get one with front and back view + one with his clothes on. He is girly boi so I hope you are okay with drawing it. My budget is about 200€, but willing to pay more if needed...
  16. Mesonoxia

    Hiring: ($15+) Looking for someone to help me with Pokefusion design

    Hello! I won't be able to commission this for another couple of weeks, but want to be proactive in trying to find an artist. I'm looking for someone who can help me create a Pokemon fusion with Hisuian Goodra as the base Pokemon. The character is "feral" in that they don't have breasts or...
  17. Tubs

    Hiring: Closed! (Flexible Budget): Need Help Creating Shark Character

    Hello! I was interested in creating a shark sona/character, I need someone who is probably versed in more muscle/bara type of art and who has experience drawing sharks! I wanted to create a shark character that has more muscle/on the bigger side and probably has markings/scars/etc. In terms of...
  18. T

    (Commission) hiring Ponies getting burned! ($20-$70 depending on quality, negotiable)

    Effectively, I am looking to commission art of ponies having their butt burned or simple lineart of ponies cooling themselves after the fact. Here are a few examples of this: (SFW) https://www.furaffinity.net/view/16769790/ (NSFW) https://www.furaffinity.net/view/28717479/ (SFW, personal...
  19. CaptainCandyass

    Hiring: ($100+) Colosseum Fighting Scenario

    Just a forewarning, if you don't have experience drawing Furries, Females, Males, Clothing, Weapons or Backgrounds, you have less chances of being selected. Please be prepared to provide examples of these things. Contact Me Discord #Zak5090 Userpage of CaptainCandyass -- Fur Affinity [dot] net...
  20. wataponno

    Hiring: ($150+) [Closed] Paid work: NSFW manga/doujin, ideally full color

    Hello everyone, duplicate post from elsewhere in the forum, as we were told to post it here instead. We have a paid work opportunity currently. We are looking for a hentai doujin artist, NOT american comic book. Project is 25 pages + cover Krystal Fox level of furry (anthro I think is the...