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commission (hiring)

  1. berry

    Any pandas in here?

    Hi! Does anyone here have any panda-related art I could check out (SFW/NSFW)? If you’re on FA, I’ve love to check out your page if you’ve got one! Thanks in advance!
  2. ab-9595

    Hiring: ($50+) LF Artist to draw Trumbeak

    Hello folks. I'm searching for any artists who might be interested in drawing my Trumbeak pokesona. I'm looking to get a SFW (but very suggestive) image of him, with a little bit of humor in it too. Will discuss further details with the artist. My budget can be anywhere from $50-$100 for this...
  3. H

    Hiring: ($100+) Hello looking for a custom dress design

    Hello looking for a custom dress design I would like a front, back, and side And colored I have some basic ideas for it Budget: A very open $100 Payment method: PayPal, cash app, Kofi are my preferred methods of payment I don't mind talking here but it would be easier to talk on discord ^u^
  4. FlooferWoofer

    Hiring: ($100+) Artist with TF experience for a short nsfw furry MtF sequence. Budget is 200 USD.

    Hello. -^w^- I landed a new jerb a few weeks ago and it's that time again for me to treat myself to the occasional commission. As the title reads, I need an artist who: -Has done transformation before and can show me an example so I have a rough idea of what I'm getting. Really can't stress...
  5. Kura

    Hiring: ($150+) Fullbody throne piece for livestreams/branding (Commerical Rights appreciated)

    I'm looking to commission an artist to illustrate my boi sitting on this throne from a VR world I built awhile ago. I'd like to eventually have it animated by a contact of mine and use it as a stream graphic, and maybe even put it on merchandise. My budget is fairly loose; I'd like this to be a...
  6. SvenskaBoudal

    Hiring: Character / Species Designer (575 USD Budget)

    Looking for a Character and or Species Designer What I am Looking For I'm in the market to have one or more realistic style artist(s) work with me to bring a bunch of text documentation on the original species on my worldbuilding project to life. The Current Budget is 575 USD. This is a...
  7. Fairytoons

    (Commission) Selling: ($100+) Hello looking for a custom dress design

    Hello looking for a custom dress design It'll be a turn around And colored I have some basic ideas for it Budget: A very open $100 Payment method: PayPal, cash app, Kofi are my preferred methods of payment
  8. Fairytoons

    Hiring: ($100+) Hello looking for a metal pendent to be made

    Hello looking for a metal pendent to be made Will be a physical item Will have a sapphire stone/jem Budget: A very open $100 Payment method: PayPal, cash app, Kofi are my preferred methods of payment
  9. T

    Hiring: Looking for blueberry inflation artist for possible sequence

    Hello. I am looking for an artist to commission that does blueberry inflation art. It would likely be a sequence depicting a transformation at different stages, shapes, and sizes. It would be even better if the artist knows of the characters from Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss, as it would involve...
  10. CaptainCandyass

    Hiring: ($75+) NSFW Commission (Genderswap/"PinUp") [CLOSED]

    Just a forewarning, if you don't have experience drawing Furries, Females or Semen you have less chances of being selected. Kinks required to be drawn May ask for an additional copy with an excessive amount of cum on her Contact Me Discord #Zak5090 Userpage of CaptainCandyass -- Fur Affinity...
  11. A

    Hiring: ($50+) Loonatics Unleashed nsfw art

    Hello everyone. I'm looking for a artist who would be interested drawing Loonatics Unleashed yiff art. I just finished that show and I must say that I loved it very much. Tech is my favorite character and would love to see some good looking art of him. My budget is about 50$, but can go up if...
  12. BrunoMax895

    Hiring: ($150+) Looking for a storyboard artist for my animated series.

    Hello there. I know that this might be a bit of a strange request, but I looking for someone to make a storyboard for an episode of my animated series on YouTube, V.I.P. Very Important Pup. It's an animated comedy show where a dachshund named Bruno who tries to be the most popular dog at his...
  13. S

    Hiring: ($25+) LF Art of Fursona! (Both NSFW and SFW)

    I would love to commission naked pin ups (or other sexual stuff), icons, ect of one of my bastards of a fursona. My problem is, he has a very long neck and not a lot of people take on my commission request(???) because of it. Hes not a giraffe but a lung dragon! I don't have a nsfw ref so you'll...
  14. Texorcist

    Hiring: ($150+) Hiring: NSFW 3D Rigged Model

    First and foremost, the best place to reach me is my discord: The Texorcist#7484 I will not be checking this forum very much I'm looking to hire someone with quality modeling and rigging skills to make me a model to start animating with. I can give a detailed ref sheet and any other information...
  15. HungeryBurr

    Hiring: ($50+) (CLOSED) Colored same-size vore commission

    I know vore can be a deal breaker for some folks, so I'm coming right out with it, lol. A friend of mine has an affinity for getting scarfed down by my otter girl, so I was hoping to get a gift piece featuring her having put him in his rightful place as an otter snacc! Depending on pricing...
  16. D

    Hiring: ($150+) Complex character redesign. Emergency help, need artist (NO JOKE)

    Hello, I'm looking for an artist to help my upgrade/update this character that I have. This is like an emergency because I wasted a lot of time in trying to get this started. I have like a whole list of things that I want to do but I want to make sure the person is already or can do the project...
  17. korsk4life

    Hiring - Artist For Female Foot-Focused Slapstick Images ($100 +)

    Hey folks! I'm here to offer another quick commission job. If you've seen my posts before, you know what to expect, and although I’m sure some regular artists of mine might be wondering “why didn’t he ask me”, it’s because I’m looking for some new artists to add to my contacts! Here’s what I'm...
  18. ab-9595

    Hiring: ($35+) NSFW Trumbeak Pokesona Art

    Hi folks. I'm looking to have a lewd piece made of my pokebird sona using his beak to explore himself. I love feral, and he has proper bird anatomy (e.g. cloaca). My budget can be anywhere from $35-$100. Feel free to let me know if this interests you, and I will provide more details of the...
  19. T

    Hiring: Looking for artist to commission weight gain image

    Hello. I am looking for an artist who would be interested in drawing a fat pic based on the following character below. I have proper details to give to those interested. My price range for this is anything equal or below $35 USD. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
  20. Jackpot Raccuki

    Hiring: ($150+) Voring some friend(s) commissions [Closed]

    Aside from some immense procrastination, my friends pestered me and wanted the commissions so I’m going to make a thread. Looking to get two separate commissions of me cock voring my friends, they’re not big into vore like me but, they enjoy going in the balls (and consented to the ideas...