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commission (hiring)

  1. Nifsara

    NSFW drawing of an equine character

    Greetings once again! This time I'm looking for an artist that is both comfortable drawing animalistic stuff (horse donger/puffy butthole) and of high quality. Budget: $100-$120 - Can be stretched somewhat further if need be. Character: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/24744757 (NSFW) Slots...
  2. ab-9595

    (NSFW) LF Artists to draw bird Pokemon

    I'm looking for any artists that are willing to draw some Pokebirds for me, particularly of either Unfezant or Toucannon. The piece would be of an explicit nature (pokephilia) so I would like someone who would be comfortable with drawing something like that. I also would...
  3. ToxicStarStudio

    Chibi Fursona/Furry Commissions Open!

    Hello all! My name is Megzie and I am the artist behind Toxic Star Studio! I've spent the last 20+ years of my life drawing squishy anime girls and last year I did a series of Chinese Zodiac chibis. I had so much fun drawing the animal character that I thought I would try my hand at drawing...
  4. N

    Seeking a raccoon commission

    I've been debating whether to commission someone to bring my fursona to life for some time now, My budget is really anywhere from £5-£20. I'd like to get a raccoon done as the title suggests, he is quite thin some would consider him a "twink" in body category. His fur is mainly black in colour...
  5. GetYourGlocksOut

    Seeking a Fox Commission

    Hey, so I've been a member of the furry community for a couple of months and I decided it's finally time to get a profile picture to show who I am. Now, here is the catch, I can't draw a straight line to save my life. which means I don't have any reference to what my fursona would look like. But...
  6. RubieOnyx

    A Pregnant Goddess

    Okay, really not much of a goddess but when the majority of your friends call you as such, you kind of just roll with it. Lol. So, I'm looking for an artist who's willing to do a little preggo piece for me of my girly. I've been promising some people that this will happen and I can't...
  7. ColdSoul

    Illustration Commissions Sale!

    Hello lovely people I am a freelance illustrator who currently has a sale on commissions. This sale limited to get involved while you can. If you have any questions about my work please don't be afraid to ask/note me. Here is a guide for you to look at- All commission prices have 20% off at...
  8. FatGooGirl

    Reference sheet for a fat, gooey character!

    Hello! I need an artist to draw a character for me. I have some reference pictures but... I'm not really comfortable with posting them in public, so I'll need to show you in PMs! I'll outline some of the basic things about the character... - She's fat! Or maybe just extra chubby! Plus-size! -...
  9. E

    looking for commissioner price range 320-1080 USD

    my price range is $320.00 but if you give me two months to pay it would be $640.00 I'm looking for someone to make an adult xxx s.f.m video with sound and voices note the more money the longer the video price for that commission month: $320.00 the next month: 640.00 after that: 860.00...
  10. RubieOnyx

    Birthday Commission

    Some say I am a good friend. Some say I'm an amazing friend! Others say....that I'm... Well, that's not very important~ So I have a friend who've I've been besties with for a minute now and he's been there for me through a lot of my ups and down. I told him I'd get him something for his...
  11. n1ghtmar3w0lf

    Open for business

    hello,My name is Louis Nagy(aka NIGHTMAREwolf) and I am ready for any art project you want, you want some fan art for one of your favorite shows or maybe a personal piece, contact me and I can do it all,can be either SWF or NSFW all i need is a good description of what you want , paypal is...
  12. LoxleyTheFoxley

    Looking for Ref Sheet and Full Digi Suit

    So, I've got this new character... but I only have one piece of art (gotta start somewhere)... www.furaffinity.net: Loxley by LoxleyTheFoxley I'm looking for a front / back / side ref sheet, and potentially some other art (silly stuff, badges, etc.), because you can never have too much. Since...
  13. A

    Looking for a mini chibi base commission

    Feral animals one main body thick lined For $40 or less In a psd format Must be ok with me using the base for adopts, ych, and commissions (which will mostly be used to buy more bases and stuff for them (and probably games lol) I would like it if it was made for public use or being allowed to...
  14. ab-9595

    (NSFW) LF Artist to draw Pokemon

    I am looking for an artist to draw some NSFW art of an underrated bird Pokemon called Trumbeak. Specifically, I would like to see some pokephilia (human on Pokemon action, although the human won't be the main focus of the image.) and/or Trumbeak by itself posed in a certain way. If you would...
  15. A

    So I'm looking for someone who can build a custom game

    So I'm looking for someone who can build a custom game Including art (3d like fully editable charas simuler to second life and Imvu (I'm sure there are other games but I only know of these two) and the world around them (meaning they can edit planets and star systems (basically 3d planets that...
  16. CynicalPopcorn

    (NSFW) Another commission...

    Budget: $50 It's a commission of probably nothing more than a bust and parts of another character. But there's a bit of a rough/fetishistic theme to it! Respond here or DM if interested and I'll discuss it in more detail in DMs. Thank you for reading <3
  17. CynicalPopcorn

    NSFW Commission

    I'm after an NSFW commission of a character of mine, would probably only be half-body/bust. Preferably full colour. If you're interested leave a post/send me a private message so we can discuss the details! Budget: $40