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commission (hiring)

  1. CaptainCandyass

    Hiring: ($150+) (NSFW) Cyberpunk Alley Commission

    Just a forewarning, if you don't have experience drawing Furries, Females, Males, NSFW or Backgrounds, you have less chances of being selected. Please be prepared to provide examples of these things. Kinks required to be drawn Foreplay(?) Contact Me Discord #Zak5090 Userpage of CaptainCandyass...
  2. Dark Shadoan

    Hiring: ($50+) Seeking Digital Artist for Protogen Commission (Reference Sheet)

    Artist must be willing to make continuous changes without complaint or issue as I expect artwork I commission to be done to my needs and specifications, I will not force you to scrap and restart once the sketches are completed but expect colors to be changed if I find them to not mirror what I...
  3. Krahe

    Hiring: ($50+) Seeking dessert-themed chara designer

    Seeking an artist (or artists) to create 1-3 dessert-themed character designs (vanilla, strawberry & mint) Check out my character Kirsche for an example of what I mean! Need at least one flat-colored full body or chibi front view, more views/details possible if the artist is open to it. Offering...
  4. Ringebell

    Found someone. Thanks!

    I‘m looking for a ref of my character Levan. His current ref is here. On the ref I would like: Two Fullbodys (front and back) A mouth close-up for teeth A NSFW variant or close-up A chibi with his mawashi belt would be appreciated but is not required. If you have an example with a character...
  5. CinnamonSundae

    Hiring: ($150+) Hiring: Sketches, Concept Art, Character Designs

    Heya! My name is Cinnamon, it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance! I'm not sure if I'm totally doing this right, apologies if I'm making mistakes or stepping on something I don't understand! Just a lovestruck amateur trying to push myselfmore and more out there to get my dreams more into a...
  6. A

    Hiring: ($75+) Anyone interested drawing Ginga densetsu weed/ ginga nagareboshi gin nsfw art

    I´m looking for artists who would be interested drawing Ginga themed nsfw art. If you´re interested let me know via messages or in here and I give my idea to you. I´m prolly looking for 1-2 character commission with background. My budget is about 100$ for this.
  7. D

    (Commission) Selling: ($35+) Underwear+gential design for my character

    I'm looking for an artist to help me create a NSFW design of my character's genital with a unique underwear that fits me character in size and style
  8. D

    CBT or Ballbusting YCH or art

    I'm looking for an artist who is doing a CBT or Ballbusting YCH/situation if no one is doing a YCH then I'm opening this up to a commission if anyone is interested. I have a character that I'm experimenting with and I'm open to see what there is out there
  9. Sirhorsealot

    Hiring: FOUND! THANK YOU

    I’m looking to get a simple feral ref sheet for a character of mine! He’s from a pet game, but as his only art currently is pixel art and a drawing I did of him a good while back I figured it was time to make him into a proper character. This is him - https://ibb.co/GsjQw6d...
  10. D

    Hiring: Anthro furry predator armor character design.

    Hi, Is there any artist or anyone out there that can help me create a female hyena character that I have in mind. I want to do a predator (Yautja) type thing for this character.
  11. berry

    Any pandas in here?

    Hi! Does anyone here have any panda-related art I could check out (SFW/NSFW)? If you’re on FA, I’ve love to check out your page if you’ve got one! Thanks in advance!
  12. ab-9595

    Hiring: ($50+) LF Artist to draw Trumbeak

    Hello folks. I'm searching for any artists who might be interested in drawing my Trumbeak pokesona. I'm looking to get a SFW (but very suggestive) image of him, with a little bit of humor in it too. Will discuss further details with the artist. My budget can be anywhere from $50-$100 for this...
  13. FlooferWoofer

    Hiring: ($100+) Artist with TF experience for a short nsfw furry MtF sequence. Budget is 200 USD.

    Hello. -^w^- I landed a new jerb a few weeks ago and it's that time again for me to treat myself to the occasional commission. As the title reads, I need an artist who: -Has done transformation before and can show me an example so I have a rough idea of what I'm getting. Really can't stress...
  14. Kura

    Hiring: ($150+) Fullbody throne piece for livestreams/branding (Commerical Rights appreciated)

    I'm looking to commission an artist to illustrate my boi sitting on this throne from a VR world I built awhile ago. I'd like to eventually have it animated by a contact of mine and use it as a stream graphic, and maybe even put it on merchandise. My budget is fairly loose; I'd like this to be a...
  15. SvenskaBoudal

    Hiring: Character / Species Designer (575 USD Budget)

    Looking for a Character and or Species Designer What I am Looking For I'm in the market to have one or more realistic style artist(s) work with me to bring a bunch of text documentation on the original species on my worldbuilding project to life. The Current Budget is 575 USD. This is a...
  16. Fairytoons

    (Commission) Selling: ($100+) Hello looking for a custom dress design

    Hello looking for a custom dress design It'll be a turn around And colored I have some basic ideas for it Budget: A very open $100 Payment method: PayPal, cash app, Kofi are my preferred methods of payment
  17. Fairytoons

    Hiring: ($100+) Hello looking for a metal pendent to be made

    Hello looking for a metal pendent to be made Will be a physical item Will have a sapphire stone/jem Budget: A very open $100 Payment method: PayPal, cash app, Kofi are my preferred methods of payment
  18. T

    Hiring: Looking for blueberry inflation artist for possible sequence

    Hello. I am looking for an artist to commission that does blueberry inflation art. It would likely be a sequence depicting a transformation at different stages, shapes, and sizes. It would be even better if the artist knows of the characters from Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss, as it would involve...
  19. CaptainCandyass

    Hiring: ($75+) NSFW Commission (Genderswap/"PinUp") [CLOSED]

    Just a forewarning, if you don't have experience drawing Furries, Females or Semen you have less chances of being selected. Kinks required to be drawn May ask for an additional copy with an excessive amount of cum on her Contact Me Discord #Zak5090 Userpage of CaptainCandyass -- Fur Affinity...
  20. A

    Hiring: ($50+) Loonatics Unleashed nsfw art

    Hello everyone. I'm looking for a artist who would be interested drawing Loonatics Unleashed yiff art. I just finished that show and I must say that I loved it very much. Tech is my favorite character and would love to see some good looking art of him. My budget is about 50$, but can go up if...