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commission info

  1. ashwoodoff

    (Commission) Selling: commissions open $10 - $50 SFW & ARTISTIC NUDITY

    Heya! Name's Ash. Thanks for taking a look. Well, I like drawing and I'm bad at speaking? Mostly because I'm afraid to write in English ; u ; I'm trying guys I'm trying. Discord: ashwoodoff#1671 FA profile with art examples. TH commission info with hoomans & some bgs My prices are...
  2. DuckyDeathly

    (Commission) Selling: *Cartoony Commissions - Humans, Anthros, Monsters, More! * ~ [$15+ - $35+]

    Hi everyone! My name is Ducky and I would like to draw something for you! I'm able to draw humans, furries/anthros, monsters, fantasy creatures, and much more! Here are some examples of my work: You can check out more examples of my work on my FA page and DeviantArt. (My FA page includes...
  3. Ryukiwolf

    (Commission) Selling: Ryuki's Art - $10 - $65 from sketches to full render, character creation as well!!

    Hello all! You can just call me Ryuki! I'm fairly new to this community, but I'm excited for the chance to work with you! You can go ahead and pm me on FA or here if you have any questions. I'm online fairly often, so I'll do my best to quickly respond! Now on to the services I offer! For my...
  4. AwesomeSheep

    Art Commissions Open!

    Hi everyone! I've currently got some Commission slots open! I'm paying about $700/month for student loans so any commissions made would be very much appreciated! I accept payments via Paypal only atm. Invoices will be sent to you for payment. If you want a quote first, feel free to ask! ;)...
  5. AugustAnna

    Traditional and Digital commissions

    Hello everyone! I'm August and I'm open up for commissions Full info is available here: Commission Info And at my FurAffinity. Basically I'm capable of drawing anything, but I'm not likely to draw porn (erotica is ok), hate art, religious stuff. I'm registered business in Poland, meaning...
  6. XeronaArt

    Cheap Commissions OPEN

    CONTACT DEVIANTART | TUMBLR | INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK | TWITTER EMAIL: XERONAART@GMAIL.COM Sketch and Full Color commissions are available, I also do Ref Sheets for characters! I have much more information written in the Google Doc linked below so please click that if you are interested! I am okay...
  7. vizarding

    Digital Art Commissions, Sketches to Color!

    Hello! My name is Alan, I’m a professional freelancer, a horror and romance artist specifically, and I am open for commission! I love drawing characters of all shapes and sizes. Transcribed prices: Headshots: sketch: $15 ink/tones: $25 color: $35 Busts: sketch: $25 ink/tones: $35 color: $45...
  8. divinedust

    COMMISSIONS - Feral/Anthro/Etc $10-$25

    Unfortunately I don't have many anthro examples, but I can list all that I do have. Forgive the human examples, please. ;v; FOR THE QUICKEST REPLY, NOTE ME ON DEVIANTART. If you don't have one, just message me here. PRICING- Full body- $25 Bust- $15 Chibi- $10 Ref sheet- $35 More...
  9. euthanizedCanine

    euthanizedCanine's CURRENT Commissions [Open]

    Heyo guys! I think I finally settled on prices I'm good with for now. My commissions are only SFW!! Anything NSFW will only be coming out in the forms of YCH auctions on separate mature websites to keep minors from it. Please read through the following terms and only then commission me. Check...
  10. Erinpuppy

    $25 Digital Full body + Color /OPEN/

    I accept Payments through my paypal portal $25 Quick Commissions: per character tips are totally welcome finished in one day (mon-fri) full body + color Example: To see more of my art please visit my Instagram , DeviantArt ,or Tumblr Notes: I will draw about any request, non-furry...
  11. dreamph

    $5-$15 Commissions Open! (SFW/NSFW)

    ✧・゚:* ♡ *:・゚✧ ╔═══════════════╗ Original Commission Post / FA commission page Hey guys!! Its taken me a while but I finally got together a proper commission sheet If you're interested, please message me on my furaffinity or at my email ( mysticpelt[at]live.com ) with the following...
  12. dipindu

    Commissions Open! Ask away

    !!Commissions Are Open!! Feel free to check out my commission page or my gallery! cheebcoms.weebly.com: Dipindu's Commissions or Dipindu's Profile - Commiss.io my gallery: (if you're looking for nsfw samples) Userpage of Dipindu -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Theres a variety of offers like...
  13. Tenseki

    Open Commissions ($15-125 AUD / $12-100 USD) Sketches, Basic Ref Sheets, Prints

    *** What's available : Chibi: Flat Colour Chibi Sketches: Headshots | Upper Body | Full Body | Illustrations: Rough Illust | Full Illust Ref Sheets: Basic Refs | Large & Detailed Refs PWYW Custom Commissions | Prints *** All commission info details can be viewed on FA & commiss.io : Commission...
  14. D

    Dawn's Commissions (OPEN!)

    I’m doing Traditional Art Commissions! (And yes that includes furries!) [Terms and Conditions] Payment: PayPal. (Just make sure to send it through “purchases/good/services"!) Remember, I’ll only start the commission after you pay me the right amount. Just email me through dawn214@gmail.com...
  15. Baitong9194

    Sonic Commission ! !

    Hello! I open my commission, It's Sonic Style! You don't have Sonic-Fancharacter? No worry!! I can change your character into Sonic style! Here is Sample of my commission It's will start $32 for One character/$47 for Two characters (Depend on the detail) If you would like to...
  16. ksilvsart

    Digital Art/Traditional art/Comic pages starting at 15$

    Hello, I'm a professional comic book artist and illustrator looking for drawing/illustration/comic commissions, Prices start at 15$ and go up from there. You can either get a digital file via e-mail or if you want it printed there will be separate fee for shipping Samples of my work: I...
  17. Mataki

    Mat's commissions

    Hey there! I'm looking for people to commission me. I mostly draw canines but I also can draw reptiles. Feral/sfw/nsfw ! Prices can be found here: http://karomataki.deviantart.com/journal/Commissions-info-OPEN-627052656 I hope someone will be interested haha. Have a nice day!
  18. AlienTiamat

    Commission info october - by AlienTiamat

    I'm new to your community and I'm very excited! I'm currently open for commissions! I want to draw something awesome with your ideas and OC -^w^- If you interested please contact me: Userpage of alientiamat -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  19. M

    $8 Talky Commissions!

    Hello!! It's been awhile since I've been posting regularly, but I'm back and I'm opening up commissions! Here's the info!! Please read ALL the info before commissioning me please and thank you! Price: $8 through Paypal Only (I will be using invoices as it's the safest method of payment!)...
  20. runtimefailure

    Open commissions.

    G'day! I'm fairly new to the furry commission scene and thought I might try dipping my toes in to gauge the response. Skillwise I'm a digital artist who predominantly does adult work (on FurAffinity at least) but I'm also quite willing to draw tamer situations. As I'm trying to keep my clean...