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commission sale

  1. Yumacub

    (Commission) Selling: $5 -$60 Commissions Open || 5 Slots Left!

    Prices: Link: www.furaffinity.net: Commissions OPEN (reminder) by Yumacub TOS: docs.google.com: TOS CAN & WILL DRAW: My specialties: The Lion King/Disney Style Danny Phantom My Little Pony (Friendship is Magic) Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron OCs and fanart (personal style or fandom...
  2. InkSpecter


    Hello, all! Wow, I haven't been on here in a while! But then again I kinda fell off the planet everywhere for a few years there... xwx Anyway, to reintroduce myself and also draw some gorgeous furries, I wanna have a lil sale~ This is a Death of a Sketchbook celebration! Head shot and bust...
  3. Zombiy

    (Commission) Selling: Summer Specials! $7-$65

    Hey friends! The hot summer sun is bringing in some HOT NEW OPTIONS in my commission menu! I've got a limit of 5 spots left! My social links: DeviantArt - ArtofZombiy | DeviantArt Tumblr - zombiy.tumblr.com: a paint in the ass. Twitter - Zombiy (@zzzombiy) on Twitter FurAffinity - Userpage of...
  4. Dritazura

    $5 and $10 Commission Specials!

    Hello all! I am having a special on full body Fursona commissions. Commission will be any pose you'd like with any species (just one character please). Can be NSFW or SFW. Full color and basic shading included and a cute background of your choice (like the pattern) These are the $10 ones...
  5. Robin-Residue

    Moving Commissions Sale (20% OFF)

    I'm really trying hard to get out of Dodge right now for a variety of reasons. Mostly for the sake of opportunities, starting my career after school, and trying to reunite with my partner of three years. I need some dough to break my current lease and pay for a rental car though, so I'm opening...
  6. creativeOutcast

    Open Commissions starting at $8!

    I'm opening commissions because I have some free time and want money c: If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments or through pm My prices are shown in the picture below
  7. ColdSoul

    X.mas Commission SALE! 25% OFF

    Winter Greetings Folks!! Tis the season to be jolly and in my case penniless hehe. My commissions now have 25% off! Wooh! Could be a great present for someone this Christmas or an early one to yourself hehe! Would very much appreciate if you could lead a hand in spreading the word on this one...
  8. snailienz

    FLASH SALE! Flat colors and Cell shaded work. Ends Wed, Jun 28 at 11:59am.

    Hey guys! I'm having a quick sale to get some cash in early. Typically, my fullbody flat colors cost around $22, but until next week, anything without a background is $15 and anything with one is $20, with a $10 upcharge for shading (typically $25-40, now $25-30). Sale will end by the next time...
  9. ColdSoul

    Commission Sale!! Illustrator for hire

    Hello! I am a freelance illustrator and currently have a commission sale on! Commissions now have 30% off! I work with a wide range of media for example pen, graphite and ink to digital so there is much to choose from. As to what subject matter, I can create for is pretty much anything, for...