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commission selling

  1. JunimoPal

    (Commission) Selling: October Commissions! Halloween and Fall theme discount! ($20-$90)

    (Hi! First time using a forum like this, but I thought I'd give it a shot, let me know if I make any glaring mistakes lol) HOWDY HOWDY! I currently have commissions open with discounted prices for pieces that have either a FALL theme or a HALLOWEEN theme! Want your character just chilling with...
  2. Doppelfoxx

    (Commission) Selling: Writing, Art, Conceptual Editorial Commissions $5-30

    Hello, and welcome! Gabriel Foxx here. Finally, after psyching myself up for a long time, I am very happy to announce that as of today, I am open for writing, art, and storyboarding commissions! WRITING - Approx. $1 per 100 words, heavily depending on format ART - $10-$25 PROFESSIONAL...
  3. Angel_patoo

    (Base/YCH) Selling: YCH NSFW SB: 5$ [Open]

    Hello! I hope all it's okay for you :) I created a new YCH ( NSFW!!) on my Furaffinity page, this is the link: www.furaffinity.net: YCH OPEN by Angel_Patoo SB: 5$ MB: 2$ AB: 100$ The current bid is 25$ ! (the auction ends on 05/25 or after AB) And some exemple of my art: for more...
  4. LuriNoodle

    (Commission) Selling: Bust Commissions starting at $25.00usd!

    Hello! I'm Luri and until the end of September my cell-shaded bust commissions are $25.00usd! I'll accept all species– human, feral, and anthro. I will not accept mecha or nsfw themes. A bust usually takes me around one to two days to complete, but if there's any delay I'll be sure to let you...
  5. Zypter

    (Commission) Selling: Zypter's commissions and YCH (From $8, SFW and NSFW)

    Hi there, people! I'm Zypter and I'm open for commissions. Enter the following link for more info: www.furaffinity.net: Commission sheet by Zypter Terms of service here: docs.google.com: Terms of service for commissions Also, I have 4 slots for YCH, full colored traditional artwork or flat...
  6. saranwrapham


    I have traditional badge commissions open!! I have 2 sizes, the small ones are $15 and the larger ones are $18! I do global shipping- PayPal only! They come laminated and with a backing!
  7. tome


    let me know if you're interested :)
  8. ruruscube

    40€ Reference Sheet

    All infos can be read here: [warning: not really NSFW but shows a butt non sexually?] www.furaffinity.net: YCH Reference Sheet (open) by ruruscube Species is changeable. You may choose if to get a complete nude reference, or a complete clothed one, or a clothed and a nude one. All of those...
  9. B

    Budgie's Commissions! $5+

    Hey everybody! I'm a little bit tight on cash rn, so I've decided it's about time for me to get back into selling my art! Time taken to finish things all depends on complexity, but at the very most, orders will usually take 2 to 2 1/2 weeks at the very most to get finished. (Depending on how...
  10. Botticella89

    Open for Commissions

    **Botticella89's Commission Info!** Welcome! **Slots Open: 3 I'm willing to do just about anything sfw wise. Bring on the fluff! However, if you wish something nsfw related, there are somethings I am not comfortable with please see my furaffinity page for details on that. **PRICING** LINE...
  11. SnowVampire

    25.oo USD for a full body inked that is colored and shaded

    25.oo USD for a full body inked that is colored and shaded my site Userpage of snowvampire -- Fur Affinity [dot] net one character, any species including human FORM: Ref: Outfit ( if any ): NSFW or SFW?: Idea for commission: PayPal please 3 slots open
  12. jinja

    Custom T-Shirt Commissions! (5 slots)

    Hey guys! So a while back someone had asked me if I was able to do a custom t-shirt commission since I sell tees on my online shop. I did one for them and they loved the turn out so Im deciding to do a few more if anyones interested! Style one: $45 (+$8 for international comms) This style is...