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commission work

  1. Blaruu

    $12 head bust commissions! (OPEN 2/5 slots)

    Heya! I'm taking on commissions right now to pay for day to day bits and food! My season work is down right now so I just need a little something to tie me over c: All head busts are at a fixed $12 price! Paypal only pretty please. Further commission information: Commission Info for Blaruu...
  2. S

    Bead Art Commissions

    Hello, I am a bead artist and I'm looking for ways to become more creative. I recently was commissioned to do a a client's Fursona. I would love to do more and expand my portfolio. Take a look at my Facebook page. If your interested send me a message! This bead sprite shown here is 9"x7." For...
  3. Estherfunworld

    Esther Art Commissions Open!

    Hello every one , I'm Esther and I do commissions. Please send me E-mail if you're interested in estherfanworld@gmail.com All price and Commission info+example esther-fun-world.deviantart.com: Commission info ( 4/5 ) open! My Art room tumblr
  4. J

    Lots of Commission Slots Open!

    Hello! I am open for multiple commission slots open currently! See below for Items and Prices. FIRST COME FIRST SERVE. ************* Scale tails -1 Large Stuffed Scale Tail Slot (600-700 scales, belt loops to almost floor on average adult height) -Starting at $125, Shipping $20 in USA...
  5. J

    Scale Tail Commission Slot Open $125

    Hello! I'm still trying to raise money to help pay for college expenses. I'm opening up 2 scale tail commission slots! 1 Slot is open to first come first serve via messaging or email. The other is listed on Furbuy currently. See Link for examples and in depth details...
  6. BananaLizard

    Question on Feral Art and the Community

    So, I had initially joined here a while back as someone had suggested I look here for commission work. At the time, I wasn't particularly confident in my artistic skills and the fact that everywhere I looked was anthro/humanoid/non-feral artwork/Commission requests, I got discouraged. I think I...